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What is Google Wave? How To Get A Google Wave Invite or Account

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I guess the first question would be to address the article title. What is Google Wave and why do we even need it? 

Google Wave is a networking open source based communication platform. Google as a company is known for simplifying the internet and making everything easier to use for free. Now, this search engine giant has decided to take on the networking giants and offer users a Google Wave account. If you are wondering who I mean by "networking giants" they are FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, and Xanga.

Everybody everywhere knows that Google just keeps pumping out new and exciting ideas and products. As if it was not good enough as a search engine already. Right now the latest buzz is the Google Wave and everybody is hoping to get one of Google's exclusive invites so they can open an account.

Business will be happy to utilize the platform for simple editing and collaboration purposes alone. Maximizing the networking capabilities will be endless with Google as your means maximization. Everything will continue to grow with this leader of the pack. Making money with Google Wave will start right off the bat if big business use the platform for their daily office needs. (The savings on man hours alone will payout)

If you are wondering how to get your free Google Wave invite then you will have to visit the website and submit a request. As with most of Google's products, Google Wave will start off by invite only. Users will be able to send out invites to other users and eventually the entire world will be using the program by sole invitation. (This helps keep Google out of legal issues with everything being exclusive invite only!)

What are your thoughts on the program? How would or could you use it to simplify your daily networking tasks?

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