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How To Guide To Twitter Online Marketing | It's Free Easy and Highly Effective

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No matter what you may think, there is a right way and a wrong way to use Twitter to promote your online business, website, or CashCrate referral link. (If  you do not use CashCrate because you are missing out.) If you use Twitter the correct way you will leverage your online business into the front of the pack. If you use Twitter and market the wrong way you will lose credibility and fall to the back of the race.

The safest way to use Twitter is to build solid relationships with humans and not computers. It is best to search and look for like minded people who share your same or similar interest. Twitter is a giant text message, so you will be able to find who is real and who is marketing. Once you get a person to follow go from there.

Your followers should become your low level acquaintances. Converse with them, and ask stimulating questions to help drive the conversation and the relationship forward. Avoid users that are just posting spam and are automated. (If someone can direct message or @reply you within seconds of your response then they are a robot.)

The above guidelines are the fundamentals to a solid referral base built by Twitter. The below is a simple 5  step How-To guide on the system.

1. To begin marketing yourself on Twitter you will have to first get on the network. Some people when signing up use false information, however you should use your real name and a real picture. Become what you are targeting. If you look like a person then chances are people will follow you. If you look like a get rich quick scheme then people are going to avoid you!

2. Find familiars who are like you or at least share the same interest as you. Seek out and follow a certain number of people each and every day. (Set a low number to achieve at first then work you way up from there.) Once you have followed these people go back to their sites and start to add all their followers. (Do not worry about the people that they are following though!) As always, when following new people, weed out the machines and do not follow them.

It is hit or miss to try to figure out a conversion rate or a percentage of follows to actual followers. I can just tell you how to play the system and how to beat it over time. Kind of like counting cards will give you an advantage at 21. These tips and tricks are very similar to having that type of insight into the instant social networking market.

3. Follow new people every single day. It doesn't matter if you just follow 100 each day or 900, just start following real people. Follow the method above about finding familiars and following them. This step is making step two habitual. There are great places out there to find followers. Use TwittFollow to build a quick and impressive follower train. People will jump in line and you will get your new followers this way effortlessly.

4. Strike up conversations with people using the @replies so that Twitter sees that you are an active member in the community. Twitter has been changing and evolving since the beginning. They now have bots that watch the bandwidth, conversations over the network, and they are blocking spammers. You wouldn't want to lose your account after the  time t took to build a huge follower base and then get deleted because Twitter didn't see you say one single hello to someone via an @reply, do you?

5. Wait a few days and weed out the people that are not following you back. You have to do this in the beginning so that you can rise above the 2,000 following bar. Once you have over 2k in followers it will not matter how many follows you have in comparison to your followers. However, I would still thin out the people that are not followers and keep adding real and new people.You can use FriendOrFollow.com to help you to metaphorically pull your unwanted weeds from your garden.

If you can follow these few easy to learn steps on how to correctly market on Twitter then you will see high conversion rates for your referral links or whatever you are promoting. I use Twitter to let everybody know about CashCrate and how great it is.

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15 Simple Ways To Drive Traffic To Your CashCrate Referral Link | How To Get Referrals for CashCrate

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There are two main concepts to driving traffic to your website, blog, or online articles. The first one is by natural organic rankings and good content over time. The second way to drive traffic is to purchase it. If you already have built your free CashCrate landing page then you can start driving traffic to it so you can start getting referrals.

The traffic driving techniques below will take up some time, however you could drive over 16,000 unique visitors a month. Most of them are 100% free and the few that cost you money are relatively cheap. With the proper keywords, SEO (search engine optimization), and monetization your website will start to prosper enough for you to have an advertising budget.

15 ways to drive traffic to your blog or website promoting your CashCrate referral link:

1. Get started with a signing up for Blogger or Wordpress to start promoting your website or your CashCrate referral link. (These two generate their own directory and will drive traffic to the blog all on their own.) You will need to update your blog at least 10 times a month with good content. There are hundreds if not thousands of blog directories out there. Find as many as you can, fill out the forms, and submit your blog. In time you will get traffic from each one and if you have 1,000 directories each sending you 100 people each that is 100,000 free unique hits to your blog. Within your blog you should have a link to your product or the website you want to flow the traffic to.

2. Seek out other blogs within the directories or directly from the blog site. Find other blogs like yours or that have the same topic and leave comments. Make it a habit to leave at least 20 new comments in a day. Each comment will bring you at least one visitor. You could be getting as many as 20 new visitors per comment if you leave them on the right blogs. This method could bring you 20-400 new visitors a day to your referral link. With that many visitors and a great sales pitch you may get 2-40 new referrals a day!

3. Write some white pages and distribute them. What are white pages? They are also known as an Ebook or an Ereport. The reason that an Ebook is so effective is that it can be distributed for free. It contains back-links to your website. If the Ebook is good enough the reader will assume that you are an expert in the field and will then regard your opinions highly. This could result in quite a few referrals. Once these Ebooks are public knowledge then they will be there forever. So your links will just grow with time and distribution. Simply submit your free Ebook to all the Ebook directories you can find online.

4. Purchase expired domain names through an online registar such as GoDaddy.com. Pick a domain name that currently gets a few thousand views a month. Take the URL and redirect it to your domain name. This will boost your organic rankings quickly and easily. (You should be able to pick up decent traffic domain names for under $100 a piece.) You can also register any misspellings of any major domain names. People misspell things all the time, so you could be grabbing some extra traffic that way too.

5. Search with Google and find 10 of the biggest help forums that deal with your niche topic of choice. Once you find these forums, register, place a link to your website in your signature, and start interacting with the other users. You may not think that this technique will work, but I have seen the results with my own eyes. Not to mention that this type of "brand marketing" will make you known as an expert in your niche industry! Why not pick up some free credibility while you are out there marketing your website and referral link.

6. You can do rinse, reuse, and recycle your blogs through article directories. First do some organic searching for some free article directories that you can submit your content to. I would work with as many as you can, however if you work with at least 5 you can see results. Take your original blog postings and rewrite them for separate keywords. Mention your website via a link or in your description in the articles that you are submitting. No matter what, always consider the fact that you are writing for humans and not for computers.

7. Do some research into writing a Press Release for your website, blog, or landing page for your CashCrate referral links.When you submit a press release you will be introducing it to all the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Ask and then sent to top news sites like Yahoo! News or CNN. Once the big dogs get their hands on it they place it into RSS feeds that then visit to more then 500 thousand subscribers

8. Rate, Subscribe, and Review everything that you can get your hands on. There are many different referral sites that need ratings or feedback from the users. Find about 10 within your niche area of the web and put a back link to your website right in your ratings. It is simple enough and free! If you can get hundreds of ratings out there then you will have hundreds of links out there pointing at your CashCrate referral link. Not to mention that the links are coming from high page rank sites, and Google loves that!

9. Use free classified websites and post a link back to your website which promotes your CashCrate referral link. There are thousands of free classified websites out there. If you can not get yourself a live link in the actual posting just put your web address anyway. If your ad is good enough to trigger someone's curiosity then they will copy and paste your link into their address bar.

10. This traffic driving method gets overlooked all the time. The easiest thing that you can do is put a link to your website in your email signature. You send emails all the time and the signature feature is automatic. It would only be a one time entry and then it would go out to hundreds over time, and you didn't change anything other then that signature.

11. Use social bookmarking to market yourself as well. Taking advantage of this system is rather difficult for the beginner internet marketer. People do not want to befriend a spammer and actually they avoid them. You have to play the social bookmarking game. Find friends that are interested in what you are, talk to them over time, build relationships with them, and then market to them. People that you talk to 14 times a year will listen to you because they have known you for over a year. Believe me, you stand a better chance with these people then you do with some random dumb list.

12. Do some manual keyword research on your niche topic. Find some sites that pull up on the first 5 pages and try to do some link exchanges. You can also search for some free link exchange directories. There are hundreds of those out there and they will drive free traffic to your CashCrate referral link.

13. Use YouTube.com to your advantage. This website has officially become apart of the internet. Once there was a time before YouTube, however I do not think that there will ever be a time that we don't have YouTube. Make a video, power point, or a small/brief commercial that promotes your knowledge. Get out there now because this site will only get bigger and bigger. Become known as an expert in your field and you could drive millions of visitors to your website with YouTube.com.

14. Use pages with high page rankings to your advantage. Sign up for an account with Yahoo Answers. Search for topics that you are an expert in and start answering. In each and every answer try to leave realative content to the asker's question while also search engine optimizing the answer. Also do not forget to include a link to your blog within the answer itself or under the source field. A website like Yahoo has a high page ranking and could do wonders for your traffic sources.

15. Last but definitely not the least... You should take into account all of the search engines have a URL submission site. Find as many as you can and get your website or blog submitted for quicker organic rankings. Here are some of the major search engines to consider Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask, and there are many more out there. Your goal is to submit to as many as you can come across.

If you have been applying these tips and tricks you should have thousands upon thousands of viewers to your CashCrate link. You just need to get 1% to10% of them to sign up with you and each complete $10 to $100 dollars a month. If that were the case you could walk away with thousands of dollars a month. All your hard work would completely pay off. Keep it up and you will get to reap the rewards.

If you are not apart of the CashCrate system yet, then simply sign up here. If you sign up below me I will automatically message you with the most recent offers that have cleared and paid me! I am happy to share the wealth.

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How To Get Twitter Followers | Twitter and CashCrate | Free Twitter Follow System | More Followers The More Money You Can Generate

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So, I have been thinking about how you can get more referrals for CrashCrate. (This has become my daily goal!) I want to make the most out of the CashCrate system so I try to find new and exciting ways to get my referrals to pile up. Through out my online endeavors I have come across many crazy schemes. I have also come across a few very legit traffic systems. The one that I will be discussing is called TwittFollow

In a previous article I spoke of a system that delivers a million people to your site. The more work you put into getting sign ups the bigger the payoff. (1 Million Visitors - Click here for that article) This is the same concept, except you will get followers for your Twitter account using the Twitt Follow website's program.

You may be thinking, "Why do I need more followers going to my Twitter account?" That is an easy question. As with anything, the more traffic you have the lower the conversion rate has to be for a referral.

Here is what I am talking about. If you only have 100 people visit your site a month then you will need one hell of a sales pitch on your website landing page. You will need to close a high percent in order to stay afloat. However, if you get 1 Million visitors to your website a month you will only need to close 1% and walk away with 10,000 referrals. That is why you NEED TwittFollow.

Do you see what I am talking about? I hope so because it is the key to solving your money problems online. Everybody and their Mom is out there trying to make money online. Most of them are just poking around and some of them are making serious money.

If you want a taste of the money stream then you will need a high flow of traffic. Twitter is great for driving real time traffic to your site. If you are a local business then you should get you company online. Twitter is a great means of a customer service support.

If you want to increase your twitter followers you can sign up to TwittFollow here. It is a free viral system that takes you getting a few people to sign up under you. You can drive massive followers to your Twitter Profile. If you can get 10,000 followers a month then you will have major sales potential. You can drive all the traffic to a certain link and increase your Google Page Rank quickly.

TwittFollow is easy to promote. Simply put a link on twitter once a day and see how many people follow it. Use an online URL shortener like Bit.ly and see where the traffic is coming from or how much is hitting your links.

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Is CashCrate A Scam? - The Inside Information That You Want To Know | GPT Scam Site

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Trying to find out if CashCrate.com is a scam or if it is legit? Well you must be if you are reading thi article, and especially if you found it through a search engine such as Google. I was just like you not wanting to get caught up in a CashCrate scam. I checked into this get paid to concept and decided that I would give it a full try for at least 30 days. Here are my actual findings and what I experienced after a month.

When I signed up for the CashCrate system I knew that it could be a scam , but I did exactly what I followed all the rules and actually ended up getting a check in the mail. I can officially tell you that the CashCrate GPT website is actually legit and it is not a scam.  I am extremely happy with my results because they were enough to pay my cell phone bill that month.

How To Make $35 Now Online | Turn It Into $10 Million | Free System It's Worth A Look

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In this article I am going to tell you how to generate a free and quick $35 online. Then I am going to tell you how to flip that $35 down the line to $10 million. That sounds like crap talk, but it is not. Stick around to read the method and you will be hooked.

First Step:
You need to setup your very own CashCrate account. If you do not have one yet click here. If you do have one then skip this step. CashCrate is where you will be getting paid from so please fill out your initial information correctly. (You do not want them to mess up the name on a $1000 check!)

Second Step:
You will need to fill out the few guaranteed offers that I suggest in this article. (Click here to read up) These offers and surveys cleared within 24 hours. I had earned $35 by the time I woke up the next morning. Fill the out the surveys and offers for the titles that I suggest so you can see how easy they are to complete.

Third Step:
Get a blog or website to promote your CashCrate referral link. You can setup a few free ones. Google offers Google Sites and Blogger or WordPress could help you out for a blog type of site. None the less, you will need a place to get that link out to. You could use business cards and flood your city with them everywhere you can think of. (There are free business card solutions out there)

Fourth Step:
Sign up with this free viral marketing solution. It sends you a guaranteed million unique visitors to your website. If you can get 1% of the Million to sign up then you have 10,000 referrals paying you 30% of their earnings. What if they each earned $100 that month. 10,000 referrals*$100 = $10,000,000. You get 30% of that number for a grand total of $3 million or so. Just have to get the system into play and prosperity will follow in due time.

Fifth Step:
Submit your website to article directories, blog directories, search engines, open directories, and Yahoo directory, and there are many more places to get attention. Try to set a goal of a new ad, blog article, flyer, set number of business cards, whatever the action is to get completed for a set period of time. The more that you get your referral link out in the public the more earning potential you will have. Have you ever taken a calculator and multiplied 1 times 1 and press = over and over again. Ever notice how it starts off slowly, but then start to get big then bigger until the number gets to be unimaginable. (That could be your cash in your bank account!)

Sixth Step:
Rinse off and Reuse! Just start all over, try to earn up to $100 in surveys each month, market your referral link, and sit back and earn massive referral bonuses.

People, I am begging you to just give this little system a shot for 30 days. I know you will make money, and I hope that you make serious money! With nothing to lose, why wouldn't you give it a shot?

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How To Build Referrals With CashCrate Fast | Use A Viral Downline To Build High Referrals

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If you want to build your referrals quickly you may want to consider a viral down line that will grow your referrals exponentially. It's simple to set up and easy to maintain. Best of all it is free. You want referrals to grow your CashCrate account so that you can capitalize on the market. If you do not have a CashCrate account simply click this sentence to sign up!

With the viral down line that I am writing this article about you will not have to pay a dime let alone a single penny. Everything about making money online should be free or at least highly affordable. This is what makes the whole system of making money online easily so great. If you refrence up to the banner at the begining of this article you will notice that it claims to bring you 1 million visitors to your website. Lets take a second to think that one through.

If you could drive a million people to your website and get only 1% to sign up as a direct result. You could still be getting 10,000 referrals. Now if you can get all of these people to just make $10 dollars on their new CashCrate accounts. You would walk away with $30,000 in referral bonus money. You didn't do a thing other then sign up for a free viral marketing system. Isn't the sytem beautiful?

You could potentially close 10% of of the 1 million visitors and blow my calculations out of the water. Not to mention if each person got 1-10 peole to sign up under them as well. You could walk away with over a hundred thousand dollars that month. Not too shabby for some in your spare time work.

If you have your own website, blog, or free Google site then you should consider using this viral marketing system to drive traffic to your website. I put the system into play less then an hour ago and already I have seen a 200 unique visitor spike in my regular traffic. Remember this is free. The more visitors to your website the higher you will rank in Google's search results!

Stop reading and get to signing up. Publish your own blog or place a banner on your site. Get people to sign up and watch your traffic grow by leaps and bounds. It is insanely quick and free. What more could you ask for? Great little system for the stay at home parent with miscellaneous time on their hands!

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The Beauty Of The Referral System | CashCrate How To Maximize Referrals and Make The Most Money On CashCrate

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Alright guys and gals. I have been thinking about how to maximize your profits with little effort on your behalf with your CashCrate account. This part should be easy for you, especially if you are in high school or college. What it will require is for you to get 10 people to sign up below you. Just stay on your people until they sign up!

The idea is to start off with ten people yourself. It may take you awhile or it could take you ten seconds to find ten people. The more the better, but if you can get at least ten you will make $100 a month with little to no effort.

The referral system is awesome over at CashCrate. If you followed my previous blog (click here to see) that tells you how to make a quick guaranteed $35.12, and apply this system you will make decent money every month.

So lets say that you made that $35 from my earlier posting. You called some friends, family, or got some strangers to sign up under you via your referral link. Once you get your ten people to sign up you tell them how to make the quick $35 or point them to this blog article.

Now here is where you start to make money. The more people that you can get on your first tier of referrals the better. (So if you get more then 10 to start out with that is better for you!) You get 20% as a referral bonus via CashCrate, which comes to the grand total of $7.00 per person. You have 10 people * $7.00 = $70 + $35 original amount. You also receive a one time $3 bonus the first time your people make over $10. So you would actually have $135 for about 1 to 2 hours of your time.

Here is the kicker. If you can get your ten people to get ten people under them then you start to see some real money. All of the sudden you will have 10 people with 10 new referrals apiece so you will have 90 people where you are earning 15% on. Also, your first 10 people will bump up to 25% because of hitting the silver badge. Your new grand total will be...

These are very real numbers:
$35 worth of surveys that you fill out + 25% * your 10 people + 15% of 35 *90 (the new referrals) = $561.20. This is a hefty sum for your original $35 worth of surveys that took you 1 hour to complete. This can multiply by once a month or you can do an hour a day!

The more people that you can get to sign up on your tier one of referrals the better. Then just get everybody else to get people under them. In all seriousness people with large facebook, myspace, or other sort of social networking account could make seriously scary cash.

Let's take a peek at the scenario where the you get a taste of the potential of what can happen.:

You just put out a massive email to everybody in your contacts and at least 100 sign up under your link. You now have 100 people to sign up under you. Then your 100 each in return do the same and get 10 people each. Here are the figures for this possibility and we will work off of an even $50 of surveys.

Your 100 people make $50, just like you did, and you made 30% (elite badge level %) of their combined $5,000 total earned cash. (You walk away with $1,500) Then their ten each also made $50. So there are people that you get 20% of. their combined total of $50,000 10*100=1,000 (Which is $10,000 in your pocket.) So if someone put a little bit of effort into the system they could walk away with six figures a year by clicking on only $50 worth of surveys a month and passing the message on.

As you can see there a new and exciting way that is so easy and simple that a teenager could do it from their social networking accounts and bring in way more money then Mom and Dad combined. (That is the scary part!) The minimum age requirement is for the person to be at least 13 years of age to start referring people and making money.

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How To Make Money With CashCrate | Get Your Own Proof That CashCrate Works | Easy Way To Make Money Online

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So you are using CashCrate already. If not, just sign up to take advantage of the money discussed in this article. I will tell you how to make an almost instant $35.12, which is above the minimum payout of $20 dollars. Now you get a check in the mail for proof to yourself. What have you got to lose? Nothing, keep reading to find out how to get your own evidence.

If I could reach 1000 people and they all did this to earn a quick $35.12 in about an hour each. As a whole we would have just earned $35,120 dollars. WOW! Think if we all donated that to a certain organization or charity. We could all put it together into a money pool to pay off one child's college education per family at some predetermined time. The possibilities are endless, and the first thing is to get you guys using CashCrate. (It has got to help stimulate the economy!)

I have already taken the time to gather proof that the system works. So I have setup my account and here are the CashCrate offers that have already paid me within the last 24 hours. You can look at the date of the blog and the date of on the above picture to see that I am telling the truth.

If you frequently check my blog I will keep updating the ones that will pay out per month. My goal is for you to earn a $100.00 per month in as little as four to five hours. ($1,200 extra per year minimum is my goal!)

Here are the titles that I recommend that you look for while you are in the CashCrate members area:

Blockbuster Free Trial     $16.00 $0.00 10/20/09
Opinion Outpost Males     $0.60 $0.00 10/20/09
JoinSurveys     $0.50 $0.00 10/20/09
All Voices     $0.40 $0.00 10/20/09
Think Fast ID Me     $0.50 $0.00 10/20/09
Ultimate IQ Test      $0.50 $0.00 10/19/09
What Drink Are You     $0.30 $0.00 10/19/09
Wigix Register     $0.40 $0.00 10/19/09
Multiple Sclerosis     $0.50 $0.00 10/19/09
Skin Disorder      $0.50 $0.00 10/19/09
Usenext International     $2.50 $0.00 10/19/09
Smart Health Digital     $8.00 $0.00 10/19/09
Medical Savings Help     $2.25 $0.00 10/19/09
Synovate     $1.00 $0.00 10/19/09

Total: $35.12 US Dollars About an hour of my time with RoboForm. Pretty good money if you ask me!

Now, these high paying offers are going to run out since you can only do them once. The members area will update every now and then so keep an eye out for the good ones. (I will post them at this blog site as I find them!)

Dedicate about an hour a day to this site for the course of 30 days and you could bring in some serious dough. If you could maintain this payout rate per hour you could potentially pull in $1,053.60 just in your spare time! An extra $12,000 per year if you kept up the hour per day times 365 days.

That is pretty crazy if you ask me. It's free to do, and there is no need for any skills other then clicking. A great thing to do in your spare time now to earn a little extra cash. I get all excited every time I get to thinking about the free extra money. 

You can search through my other articles for tips and tricks to using CashCrete.

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A CashCrate Alternative | Other GPT Website Solutions For Making Money Online

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I am sure that you have already tried CashCrate by now if you are reading this article. Some of you may have your reasons to trying to find another GPT website solution. If you are anything like me, I have been searching for ways to get out of my full time day job. So I found other sources of income from the internet that supplement my regular paycheck.

There are quite a few CashCrate alternatives out there, however I wouldn't say that they were any better then the CashCrate system. It is good to have multiple streams of income and three of these sites will help you to do this. Their are a few of them out there, but I am going to tell you about my next favorite GPT site.

I would have to say that the next biggest competitor to CashCrate would have to be InboxDollars.com. These guys provide an easy to use system, and when you are reading emails it couldn't be any easier. InboxDollars sends email's randomly that require you to open them. Once you open up the email it just says to click here to confirm that you read it. Then you are done! It literally takes you one (1) second to read your email. That is worth the few pennies that they pay you for sure. Over the course of a month, in your spare time, a person could earn a hefty sum.

InboxDollars also offers quite a few high paying surveys and offers. A person could earn $10.00 a night in about an hour taking surveys, quizzes, I.Q. test, and reading extremely short emails. Do this every night over the course of a month and that person just earned an extra $300.00 dollars. I don't know about your family and situation, but I could put that extra free money to work someplace in my household. If you could combine this stream of revenue along with your CashCrate stream of income you could be making a nice supplimentary income. The beautiful thing is that you are making all this extra money in your spare time doing simple things.

If you are wanting to get serious about starting or trying GPT websites then you should consider an automatic option. Yeah, you could speed up your survey taking time quite a bit with an automated software program called RoboForm. The program fills out all the basic information that will be required on the survey sites. If you are worried about giving out your personal information, simply stop! Read this article about how to cloak your identity and still be legit!

Looking for a place to sign up for CashCrate or InboxDollars? Click either of the links to go to their website and sign up. It's a free service and they pay you so what have you got to lose?

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Google Voice and Cash Crate | Making Money Online Never Got So Easy

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Some of you may have started up with Cash Crate via a link on the website. If you have not visit the button to the right or simply click here. Now that you are started you may be a little worried about getting telemarketers calling your number or miscellaneous junk mail.

I have figured it all out for you! If you take the time to request your Google Voice number and use it you will be happy a few weeks from now. With your Google number you can simply block all the unwanted calls for free. It's extremely easy. I would also enlist your Google number into the National Do Not Call Registry if you are worried about getting calls.

Now for the junk mail that you expect to be getting from the offers through the Cash Crate System. That part was easy with Google's Gmail messagng service. It is free and it a prerequisite to the Google Voice sign up. Believe me you want this service.

I would create a Cash Crate label inside of you Gmail account and apply it to new offers or mail that comes in. To apply you will need to click the little squares to the left of the message in your inbox. Once you get them all checked then go to your drop down menu in the middle of the inbox and click on filter. By creating a filter you can check the option for all new messages like these to archive and label. (This is if you want to keep your own personal Gmail account clear of the junk messages.)

If you do not want to associate your Gmail account with the offers then simply create a new one. It is easy to do and it is entirely free. I probably have 6-7 actual Google accounts each setup to different things. Google is simply amazing guys and gals, and they are only going to get bigger and more amazing over time.

So with your Google Voice number and your Gmail mailing account you are ready to start making money. The idea is that you are giving out your legit information, however you are completely cloaked or hidden. The only thing that may get exposed is going to be your mailing address. You can register a post office box / P.O. Box if you are worried. (I just recycle every piece of junk mail and that takes care of that problem!)

If you were wanted to speed things up I recommend that you download and install Robo Form. Fill out the information one time and you will not have to fill out the basic info on any of the offers because RoboForm will just do it for you.

Let me know what you guys are thinking about this Cash Crate system and my "How To" Guide.

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Make Money With Cash Crate | Simple Way To Make Money Online | It's Free

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Cash Crate is awesome. In the first three hours after signing up with Cash Crate I had already made $67 dollars. I was sold on it immediately. I now have my entire family using the system and everybody is making money. Matter of fact, I bet that as a whole, the people that I have using the system are making over $5,000-$6,000 a month easy. (About 6-7 people or so doing the surveys and offers in their spare time!)

Utilizing the Cash Crate system itself can be tough, but I have put together some tools that will make making money online even easier. The Cash Crate system puts you in touch with surveys, quizes, and free trials offers. By completing the above mentioned will allow you to get paid. On average I make about 75 cents per thing that I do. Each individual survey, free trial, or offer takes approximately 5-10 minutes to complete depending on how fast you type or if you are using a automated form filler. Some take just seconds, literally.

I have signed up for a Blockbuster free trial for movies in the mail. I have to cancel before the 2 week trial ends, and after one week into the trial offer. This bad boy offer gave me a wopping $16 dollars. All I have to do is remember to cancel the trial before the ending date. 

Yes, it can be confusing trying to remember all the dates that everything will have to be canceled on, and what forms you filled out. However, I can simplify your method and help you keep track of what you are doing.

By utilizing a Google account you will be able to organize everything that is going on. Everytime that I submit for a trial offer that has to be cancelled I also put the date on my Google Calander right away. I make it notify me via text message before it expires. Then I just log onto the computer and cancel.

I fill out all the forms amazingly quick so that I take a 5 minute survey in less then 2 minutes. I use the free software program called RoboForm. You have to input your information one time into the program and it will fill out the main parts of the forms and surveys that you need it to.

With your Gmail account, Google Calender, and your RoboForm you will be making money quicker then you would know it. As I previously stated, I made $67 dollars in three hours in my spare time. That is worth it to me, the question is it worth it to you to give it a shot? It's free, so what have you got to lose?

I highly recommend that anybody who reads this blog checks out the Cash Crate website via this link!

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Google Voice | Use Google Voice As Phone Alternative?

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So you may be looking to learn a little more about Google Voice and how it may benefit you. You can simply visit the website http://www.google.com/voice to see what they have to say about their product, or watch the video above. Some of you may have visited Google and still want more information about Google Voice from someone who uses it everyday.

Let me tell you about Google Voice. It is simply the greatest number system ever invented. I actually changed my normal cell number and contacted everybody via my new Google number. Let me tell you why I did this.

The Google # lets you have more options with your phone. Google Voice allows you to customize your voice mail messages to the people you choose. I currently have 11 different voice mail messages that are set to certain groups. My family may call and hear one message and then a friend may call and hear a specific detailed message.

All voice messages come in via email or text message (SMS format) as well as traditional messages. This can be considerably handy when you are receiving many calls a day and they all want to leave messages. Google Voice eliminates the need to go through all 20 voice mails that you have been dreading checking for the past few days. You can simply log onto your account and play the message over your computer or on the phone.

Sick of telemarketers calling your number all the time? Block them from calling your phone line easily and they will hear a very real message that tells them; "The number you have dialed is no longer in service, if you feel that you have reached this recording in error then hang up and dial again." - This is handy! I currently have a blocked group with over 100+ numbers that NEVER ring my phone again!

Some of you may have a website or two and want to give your users a free option to contacting you. Google Voice offers Widgets that can be placed on your website. Even on free websites or sites hosted through Google such as Google Sites. If you have many websites just set the call widget to certain voice mail messages and answering options.

Note to reader: Are you having problems with your Google Site and Google Voice Number? If you cant get your Google Voice Widget onto your site then let me know via a comment. If there is no need then I wont post a way to get your widget onto your site. 

Now matter how you put it into words: Google Voice, Pros and Cons of Google Voice, My Google Voice Number, Google Voice Talk, Get Google Voice, Google Talk Voice, Google Voice Setup, Download Google Voice, Google Voice How To, Google Voice And Video Setup. Ask me and I can help!

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IPocket T.V. IPod Touch And IPhone Application | Free Cable T.V. And Movies

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I was thinking the same thing that you are probably thinking right now. How can this be possible? How am I going to get all this free media entertainment in the first place? In the second place, I do not want to watch it on a tiny screen. The Ipod Touch and IPhone's both have the same sized screen, only one is a phone. 

I can understand these thoughts that you may be thinking this very moment. However, I do want you to continue to read and hear me out. What is five minutes of your time if it will teach you how to save money for years to come? They say to teach a man to fish, right?

If you follow this blog then you will notice a previous article that talks about jailbreaking the IPod Touch. (Click that link to see that article) This is a requirement to setting up the applications that I will be discussing. Jailbreaking the device opens up the possibilities that are available to the owner. Once you get your hands on the Icy or Cydia installers then you will need to look up IPocket T.V. and download it. This is so great because it allows the user to download movies that are made in the .MP4 format. (All PSP movies will play on the IPod Touch or the IPhone.) The builder of this application in discussion host the movies and we just copy or check them out. He accepts donations, but it is still free. I do not know if he will continue to post the movies and television episodes if he does not get his donation mark...

So if you follow these directions and find this application then you will be half of the way to full time media entertainment for free via your IPod Touch or IPhone acting as your filter. I have weighed the options of losing my IPod Touch or IPhone -VS- Losing all the files on my more expensive computer. I do want my readers to know and understand that there are risks involved with everything, and that is why I created this blog. I test the features discussed and prove their legitimcy. Then I post my results here and you guys have the first hand reviews of the programs that are in high demand right now.

Now the only problem is getting the IPod movie from IPocketTV onto a bigger screen. You may be thinking that it will involve some decent computer skills or hacking. You may also be thinking that this is a waste of time because the resolution will be worse once it gets blown up. People, you are correct with the thought process, however there are ways to keep the same quality and not have any special hacking skills.

I will be writing another article on how to get your IPod onto your Television. Check back often to see how else Jay's Saving Your Money!

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How To Jailbreak The IPod Touch 2nd Gen | Save Money and Open Up The IPod's Touch Possibilities

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So you may be wondering how to jailbreak your new Ipod Touch 2nd Generation. I can help you with that information by posting the steps that I took. These steps will cut out the research time that was involved in trying to figure this thing out. (Not to mention that you will not have to randomly download a ton of viruses trying to get the correct software for this procedure.)

So step one will be to make certain that you have the correct software already installed on your Ipod Touch. The reason that I say this is because there is no way to jailbreak the latest software as of yet. So, if you want the capabilities of the free applications and media then you will need to have a slightly older version of Ipod Touch. It's not like the newest version is much better. Technology is evolving rapidly and sometimes the newest version is already outdated!

So to figure out what version of the Ipod Touch software that you are running is to plug it into your computer. If you do not have the sync cables then you will need to find some. I recently bought all new cables off of Amazon.com. Check here for a cheap set of Ipod cables.  I believe that that link will get you cables for around $5 dollars.

Alright so you have connected your Ipod Touch 2nd Gen. to your computer. Now open up ITunes or download the latest version from here. With the most updated version of ITunes and an Ipod Touch synced to the computer you will be able to find out more about your device. On the left hand side of the ITunes program search for the "Devices" tab. If you have one then you have your IPod correctly synced to ITunes. If not, then you will need to unplug and re-install the ITunes software. Yes this can be irritating if things do not work out smoothly the first time, however once you get your IPod Touch unlocked or jail broken you will be thanking the stars!

If you can tell what version that you have then and only then can you precede,. and I say this because you can mess up your device with installing the wrong Jailbreak software. I feel like this is a good a time as any to disclaim the fact that if you mess up your IPod Touch it is at your own doing. I am writing a guideline on how to do this yourself and save money. I do not claim to be the leading expert in this field.

The video at the top of the screen is the very video that I watched to get my IPod Touch 2nd generation working as a jailbroken device. All the steps above are to get you ready to follow the steps in the video. Please watch and if you need any help leave me comments and I will do my best to help you.

The next article will be discussing how to utilize the IPod Touch for your media entertainment and how to cut the cable company out of your life for good! Good luck with your jailbreaking and I hope that things work out well for you. This was just another example of how Jay's Saving Your Money!

No Matter How You Say It: Free IPod Touch Jailbreak Information, How to jailbreak an IPod Touch, Ipod Touch, Jailbreak IPod Touch 2nd Generation, IPhone How To. I am here for you!

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