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15 Simple Ways To Drive Traffic To Your CashCrate Referral Link | How To Get Referrals for CashCrate

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There are two main concepts to driving traffic to your website, blog, or online articles. The first one is by natural organic rankings and good content over time. The second way to drive traffic is to purchase it. If you already have built your free CashCrate landing page then you can start driving traffic to it so you can start getting referrals.

The traffic driving techniques below will take up some time, however you could drive over 16,000 unique visitors a month. Most of them are 100% free and the few that cost you money are relatively cheap. With the proper keywords, SEO (search engine optimization), and monetization your website will start to prosper enough for you to have an advertising budget.

15 ways to drive traffic to your blog or website promoting your CashCrate referral link:

1. Get started with a signing up for Blogger or Wordpress to start promoting your website or your CashCrate referral link. (These two generate their own directory and will drive traffic to the blog all on their own.) You will need to update your blog at least 10 times a month with good content. There are hundreds if not thousands of blog directories out there. Find as many as you can, fill out the forms, and submit your blog. In time you will get traffic from each one and if you have 1,000 directories each sending you 100 people each that is 100,000 free unique hits to your blog. Within your blog you should have a link to your product or the website you want to flow the traffic to.

2. Seek out other blogs within the directories or directly from the blog site. Find other blogs like yours or that have the same topic and leave comments. Make it a habit to leave at least 20 new comments in a day. Each comment will bring you at least one visitor. You could be getting as many as 20 new visitors per comment if you leave them on the right blogs. This method could bring you 20-400 new visitors a day to your referral link. With that many visitors and a great sales pitch you may get 2-40 new referrals a day!

3. Write some white pages and distribute them. What are white pages? They are also known as an Ebook or an Ereport. The reason that an Ebook is so effective is that it can be distributed for free. It contains back-links to your website. If the Ebook is good enough the reader will assume that you are an expert in the field and will then regard your opinions highly. This could result in quite a few referrals. Once these Ebooks are public knowledge then they will be there forever. So your links will just grow with time and distribution. Simply submit your free Ebook to all the Ebook directories you can find online.

4. Purchase expired domain names through an online registar such as GoDaddy.com. Pick a domain name that currently gets a few thousand views a month. Take the URL and redirect it to your domain name. This will boost your organic rankings quickly and easily. (You should be able to pick up decent traffic domain names for under $100 a piece.) You can also register any misspellings of any major domain names. People misspell things all the time, so you could be grabbing some extra traffic that way too.

5. Search with Google and find 10 of the biggest help forums that deal with your niche topic of choice. Once you find these forums, register, place a link to your website in your signature, and start interacting with the other users. You may not think that this technique will work, but I have seen the results with my own eyes. Not to mention that this type of "brand marketing" will make you known as an expert in your niche industry! Why not pick up some free credibility while you are out there marketing your website and referral link.

6. You can do rinse, reuse, and recycle your blogs through article directories. First do some organic searching for some free article directories that you can submit your content to. I would work with as many as you can, however if you work with at least 5 you can see results. Take your original blog postings and rewrite them for separate keywords. Mention your website via a link or in your description in the articles that you are submitting. No matter what, always consider the fact that you are writing for humans and not for computers.

7. Do some research into writing a Press Release for your website, blog, or landing page for your CashCrate referral links.When you submit a press release you will be introducing it to all the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Ask and then sent to top news sites like Yahoo! News or CNN. Once the big dogs get their hands on it they place it into RSS feeds that then visit to more then 500 thousand subscribers

8. Rate, Subscribe, and Review everything that you can get your hands on. There are many different referral sites that need ratings or feedback from the users. Find about 10 within your niche area of the web and put a back link to your website right in your ratings. It is simple enough and free! If you can get hundreds of ratings out there then you will have hundreds of links out there pointing at your CashCrate referral link. Not to mention that the links are coming from high page rank sites, and Google loves that!

9. Use free classified websites and post a link back to your website which promotes your CashCrate referral link. There are thousands of free classified websites out there. If you can not get yourself a live link in the actual posting just put your web address anyway. If your ad is good enough to trigger someone's curiosity then they will copy and paste your link into their address bar.

10. This traffic driving method gets overlooked all the time. The easiest thing that you can do is put a link to your website in your email signature. You send emails all the time and the signature feature is automatic. It would only be a one time entry and then it would go out to hundreds over time, and you didn't change anything other then that signature.

11. Use social bookmarking to market yourself as well. Taking advantage of this system is rather difficult for the beginner internet marketer. People do not want to befriend a spammer and actually they avoid them. You have to play the social bookmarking game. Find friends that are interested in what you are, talk to them over time, build relationships with them, and then market to them. People that you talk to 14 times a year will listen to you because they have known you for over a year. Believe me, you stand a better chance with these people then you do with some random dumb list.

12. Do some manual keyword research on your niche topic. Find some sites that pull up on the first 5 pages and try to do some link exchanges. You can also search for some free link exchange directories. There are hundreds of those out there and they will drive free traffic to your CashCrate referral link.

13. Use YouTube.com to your advantage. This website has officially become apart of the internet. Once there was a time before YouTube, however I do not think that there will ever be a time that we don't have YouTube. Make a video, power point, or a small/brief commercial that promotes your knowledge. Get out there now because this site will only get bigger and bigger. Become known as an expert in your field and you could drive millions of visitors to your website with YouTube.com.

14. Use pages with high page rankings to your advantage. Sign up for an account with Yahoo Answers. Search for topics that you are an expert in and start answering. In each and every answer try to leave realative content to the asker's question while also search engine optimizing the answer. Also do not forget to include a link to your blog within the answer itself or under the source field. A website like Yahoo has a high page ranking and could do wonders for your traffic sources.

15. Last but definitely not the least... You should take into account all of the search engines have a URL submission site. Find as many as you can and get your website or blog submitted for quicker organic rankings. Here are some of the major search engines to consider Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask, and there are many more out there. Your goal is to submit to as many as you can come across.

If you have been applying these tips and tricks you should have thousands upon thousands of viewers to your CashCrate link. You just need to get 1% to10% of them to sign up with you and each complete $10 to $100 dollars a month. If that were the case you could walk away with thousands of dollars a month. All your hard work would completely pay off. Keep it up and you will get to reap the rewards.

If you are not apart of the CashCrate system yet, then simply sign up here. If you sign up below me I will automatically message you with the most recent offers that have cleared and paid me! I am happy to share the wealth.

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Kim said...
October 26, 2009 at 6:32 PM  

Thanks for your comment Jay! I should be getting to the video on completing offers by this weekend at the latest, and I will definitely use some of your tips and can post your blog link in there as a thank you for helping me out.

Have a good night :)

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