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How To Get Twitter Followers | Twitter and CashCrate | Free Twitter Follow System | More Followers The More Money You Can Generate

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So, I have been thinking about how you can get more referrals for CrashCrate. (This has become my daily goal!) I want to make the most out of the CashCrate system so I try to find new and exciting ways to get my referrals to pile up. Through out my online endeavors I have come across many crazy schemes. I have also come across a few very legit traffic systems. The one that I will be discussing is called TwittFollow

In a previous article I spoke of a system that delivers a million people to your site. The more work you put into getting sign ups the bigger the payoff. (1 Million Visitors - Click here for that article) This is the same concept, except you will get followers for your Twitter account using the Twitt Follow website's program.

You may be thinking, "Why do I need more followers going to my Twitter account?" That is an easy question. As with anything, the more traffic you have the lower the conversion rate has to be for a referral.

Here is what I am talking about. If you only have 100 people visit your site a month then you will need one hell of a sales pitch on your website landing page. You will need to close a high percent in order to stay afloat. However, if you get 1 Million visitors to your website a month you will only need to close 1% and walk away with 10,000 referrals. That is why you NEED TwittFollow.

Do you see what I am talking about? I hope so because it is the key to solving your money problems online. Everybody and their Mom is out there trying to make money online. Most of them are just poking around and some of them are making serious money.

If you want a taste of the money stream then you will need a high flow of traffic. Twitter is great for driving real time traffic to your site. If you are a local business then you should get you company online. Twitter is a great means of a customer service support.

If you want to increase your twitter followers you can sign up to TwittFollow here. It is a free viral system that takes you getting a few people to sign up under you. You can drive massive followers to your Twitter Profile. If you can get 10,000 followers a month then you will have major sales potential. You can drive all the traffic to a certain link and increase your Google Page Rank quickly.

TwittFollow is easy to promote. Simply put a link on twitter once a day and see how many people follow it. Use an online URL shortener like Bit.ly and see where the traffic is coming from or how much is hitting your links.

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firemom31 said...
October 25, 2009 at 7:28 PM  

Jay, this blog rocks! I will be following. Thanks for stopping by my site earlier today.



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