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The Beauty Of The Referral System | CashCrate How To Maximize Referrals and Make The Most Money On CashCrate

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Alright guys and gals. I have been thinking about how to maximize your profits with little effort on your behalf with your CashCrate account. This part should be easy for you, especially if you are in high school or college. What it will require is for you to get 10 people to sign up below you. Just stay on your people until they sign up!

The idea is to start off with ten people yourself. It may take you awhile or it could take you ten seconds to find ten people. The more the better, but if you can get at least ten you will make $100 a month with little to no effort.

The referral system is awesome over at CashCrate. If you followed my previous blog (click here to see) that tells you how to make a quick guaranteed $35.12, and apply this system you will make decent money every month.

So lets say that you made that $35 from my earlier posting. You called some friends, family, or got some strangers to sign up under you via your referral link. Once you get your ten people to sign up you tell them how to make the quick $35 or point them to this blog article.

Now here is where you start to make money. The more people that you can get on your first tier of referrals the better. (So if you get more then 10 to start out with that is better for you!) You get 20% as a referral bonus via CashCrate, which comes to the grand total of $7.00 per person. You have 10 people * $7.00 = $70 + $35 original amount. You also receive a one time $3 bonus the first time your people make over $10. So you would actually have $135 for about 1 to 2 hours of your time.

Here is the kicker. If you can get your ten people to get ten people under them then you start to see some real money. All of the sudden you will have 10 people with 10 new referrals apiece so you will have 90 people where you are earning 15% on. Also, your first 10 people will bump up to 25% because of hitting the silver badge. Your new grand total will be...

These are very real numbers:
$35 worth of surveys that you fill out + 25% * your 10 people + 15% of 35 *90 (the new referrals) = $561.20. This is a hefty sum for your original $35 worth of surveys that took you 1 hour to complete. This can multiply by once a month or you can do an hour a day!

The more people that you can get to sign up on your tier one of referrals the better. Then just get everybody else to get people under them. In all seriousness people with large facebook, myspace, or other sort of social networking account could make seriously scary cash.

Let's take a peek at the scenario where the you get a taste of the potential of what can happen.:

You just put out a massive email to everybody in your contacts and at least 100 sign up under your link. You now have 100 people to sign up under you. Then your 100 each in return do the same and get 10 people each. Here are the figures for this possibility and we will work off of an even $50 of surveys.

Your 100 people make $50, just like you did, and you made 30% (elite badge level %) of their combined $5,000 total earned cash. (You walk away with $1,500) Then their ten each also made $50. So there are people that you get 20% of. their combined total of $50,000 10*100=1,000 (Which is $10,000 in your pocket.) So if someone put a little bit of effort into the system they could walk away with six figures a year by clicking on only $50 worth of surveys a month and passing the message on.

As you can see there a new and exciting way that is so easy and simple that a teenager could do it from their social networking accounts and bring in way more money then Mom and Dad combined. (That is the scary part!) The minimum age requirement is for the person to be at least 13 years of age to start referring people and making money.

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