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Zimbio - Is it Good or Bad For Your Blog or Website?


Is Zimbio good or bad for your website? Are you worried about Zimbio effecting your website's page rank or search engine results? If you know anything about SEO you could be a little worried about all the duplicate content that is being created by the aforementioned website. I have put the website to the test and this article is a direct result of my actual findings.

To put is short Zimbio is good and bad for your website at the same time! Let me tell you why it is good and why it can be bad. I ask that you read everything in this article before you formulate your own opinions about the website of discussion. If you use Zimbio then you may already be having these questions, and if you do not use it then you will end up asking theses same scenarios eventually.

J.mp URL Shortener Powered By Bit.ly | Super Short URLs


Do you shorten your long links through Bit.ly? If so then you may like another one of their extensions called J.mp. I would personally have to say that J.mp makes some of the shortest URLs that I have seen so far. If you use a micro blogging client, such as Twitter, you may want to check out the new shortener if you need to get a little more room out of your post.

I have been in situations where I needed to squeeze just a few more characters out of my blog update. I know that there have been many other people in that exact same situation because I read comments on websites that are asking for a shorter URL shrinker.

How To Change Your FavIcon | Custom Tab Icon Logo


Do you have a blogger blog? If so, have you been trying to figure out how to change the logo from the Blogger orange "B" that is at the top of your tabs to something else? If you do not use Blogger then do not worry because this post can still be applicable to you! All webpages are made out of a computer language called HTML, and what we will do is some minor editing to the main layout of your website or blog.

The icon that shows up in the top tabs of your window is called the FavIcon. It's sole purpose is to help people to get accustomed to your brand name or logo. These days, all search engine optimization idealist and companies are shaping around the idea of brand recognition. Brand recognition has been around for years, but on the web it is a new version of the old concept.

Google URL Shortener | Goo.gl Your Links!

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Alright world, get ready because now Google is taking on the world of URL Shortening. I have to say that this is totally amazing to me that they are able to keep expanding exponentially online the way that they have. I guess I would do the same if I ran a multibillion dollar company that has nothing better to do then to index and take over the entire internet.

As of today Google URL Shortener is not activated for broad user use. This means that if you go to the Goo.gl website to use their URL shortener then you will find out first hand that it is not currently up and running for public use. The downside to staying on top of technology is that you find out about cool features long before you get to use them! I will sit here twiddling my thumbs for another few months before Google is ready to release their product on the world. The upside, at least you get to know about it before the rest of the world by reading this today!

Yahoo Work From Home Kit Scam | Be Aware!

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Wow really - these guys just do not give it up when it comes to the work from home scam. The Google Work From Home Package just became the Yahoo Work From Home Kit. It is amazing what people will do to scam other innocent people like yourself.

The main purpose of this article is to make people aware that the Yahoo Work From Home Kit is a total fraudulent online scam.

Free Music On Google - About Musgle

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If you follow this blog then you may remember a recent post about how to find free music on Google through some special search commands. Once that article was published I had received a flood of comments via my feedback button. People just were not quite understanding how to use the search commands discussed. Some of you just didn't understand where the music came from and never took it any further. Some of you guys picked up the concept of specialized search commands and are downloading free music right now. With everybody else in mind, I am here to talk about a non official Google Music search website called Musgle.

How To Find Your CashCrate Referrals | View Your Referrals


It is almost impossible to find where your CashCrate referrals are located. I know that because it took me some time to find them the first time I looked for my referrals. Here is the quickest way to find the referrals list for your Cashcrate account. Just copy and paste the web address below and then bookmark it for easy access in the future.

InboxDollars Alternative - Other GPT Sites That Pay

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Are you looking for an InboxDollars alternative? If so then I can sure help you out there. I have about five different sites that I use on a daily basis that are similar to InboxDollars. I know that not everybody will have the same user experience when using get paid to sites. This is why I am telling you guys about the 5 other websites that I found that actually pay decent monthly money.

So did you have a bad experience with InboxDollars, and you seeking out alternatives to the system? Maybe you had a great experience and want even more ways to make money online. Regardless of your reasoning behind trying to find an InboxDollars alternative I am here to help you find more sites just like it.

About Blog This! A Google Chrome Extension (by Google)


I am going to have to say that Blog This! is one of the best features that I have found on Google Chrome. It has grown to become one of my all time favorite Chrome extensions. If you are curious as to how you can use Blog This! then check out this scenario that you may be able to relate to. Please note that if you do not have a blogger account then this extension would be inapplicable to you.

You are browsing through the internet on your few favorite websites. Then you have a small thought that you would like to blog about. You then open a new tab or window in your browser and then log into your blogger account to pull up a new post. Then you give a quick title and then paste the link to the topic you just thinking about. Ultimately you end up saving it as a draft so that you can edit the thought or idea later. Wait until you get a taste of the new Blogger add-on.

What Is HootSuite And Why You Need It?

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Let me tell you that HootSuite is one of the greatest tweet platforms that I have ever come across. That is saying alot considering I have dissected many tweeting platforms since Twitter was created. I knew from the get go that finding a smooth interface was going to be a necessary component to my social media marketing techniques.

So to better answer the question, "What is HootSuite?" I will flat out say that it is an online social networking media communication tool. The people who created it have totally intertwined it around the Twitter social network. The creators did an impeccable job at creating a multi account auto tweet platform that has a built in URL shortener for free!

Top 5 Best URL Shorteners | Why Shorten A URL?

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You may want to know why you should use a URL shortener for your web address'? Why should you make your links shorter and why would you want to have them pointing to some other website? Where would you even have the need to use short URLs, and why would you need to use them there? I know that these may be just a few of the questions that are floating around in your head right now because I asked them to myself.

The simple concept behind a short URL is just that your link becomes much smaller. Thus making it less over all characters so that you have more room for your message, idea, or thought. The shortener web applications will take a URL that is 65 (more or less) characters long and shorten it down to about 20 or less. Some are a little more then 20 characters long when shortened, and others are less than the 20. Regardless of the exact size of your new URL, it is still much smaller then your original longer version.

How To Add Feedback Button To Blog or Website

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You want to know how to add a fixed or stationary feedback button to your website or blog. I know because I was searching through Google to find out how to add a stationary feedback button to my site just the other day. It took me some time to find a good posting with a walk through, but it was still unclear about a few aspects of "how to" do it. Luckily I have some experience in those areas so I could figure that part out.

I will break it down into an easy to read tutorial or guide that explains exactly how to add the fixed feedback button to your blog or website. The first things you will need to do is to get a button that you want to use. I personally just created one in Gimp (a free Photoshop knock off), but I am sure that there are many out there on the internet.

Get your feedback button hosted, and I suggest that you sign up with Photobucket.com or a similar site to host your button. If you can get a direct link to another premade feedback button then you do not have to download and upload anything to anywhere. I already had a Photobucket account and I have the ability to make a simple button, so I went that route.

Alright, so you have found your button and have it uploaded or at least have a direct link to somebody else's uploaded pre-made feedback button. The next thing that you will need to do is to create a "Contact Me" or "Feedback" page on your website or blog. Once you have all of that figured out then you are ready to learn exactly how to add a feedback button to your website or blog.

I use blogger so I will walk you guys through the steps to adding the feedback button to your blogger blog. (For other blogs sites or websites just find your HTML or XML layout area) I love blogger because you can just add a gadget to your website and then you are practically done with the hard part. Follow the steps listed below for an easy installation of your feedback button.
  • Sign in to your blog or website.
  • Click the layout link (or get to your layout area if not using blogger)
  • Click the Add Gadget link (or get into your HTML area of your website if not using blogger)
  • Then select HTML/JAVASCRIPT as your gadget.
  • Then copy, paste, and edit the code below into the new gadget. (You can copy and paste into your sites HTML if not on blogger)
Copy and paste this code: (a class="feedback" href="http://your-contact-page-link-here/" style="bottom: 350px; display: scroll; left: 0px; position: fixed;" title="Send Us Your Feedback")(img src="http://Your-feedback-button-direct-link-here" /)(/a)
- Change the ( )'s to <>'s when you paste the code to your site. I had to convert to parenthesis so the command wouldn't execute on my blog.
Alright - let me explain a little bit about what you just did or how to change the placement of your button. You just placed it 350 pixels from the bottom of the page and 0 pixels from the left side of the page. 

How to edit or change placement of your feedback button on your blog or website: If you want your button on the right of the page then change the word "left" to "right". If you want the button down from the top then you can change the word "bottom" to "top". You will have to play around with the placement by changing the "350" to your desired number, and you can change "0" to whatever you want.

I suggest that you play around with those settings in button edit area so that you can find the best placement that suites your site. You can add other buttons as well and create a menu along one side of your website or blog!

As always, please re-tweet this article if you found it helpful. Thanks guys for reading this article. Please drop me some feedback and let me know what you think if you have some extra time. 
I would appreciate it!

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Free Backlinks With Article Marketing

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How are you going to build free nonreciprical backlinks to your website? I know that it can be hard to do this and that it can be time consuming. I will tell you the most effective way that I know about how to build free backlinks to your website. I suggest you look into article marketing - submit articles to article directories and put a link back to your website.

Time is going to pass each and everyday and there is nothing that we can do about it, at least not yet anyway. You may as well as build a backlink daily or weekly so that over the course of a year you could put 52 to 365 solid one way and free backlinks to your website. I suggest using article marketing to leverage your website above the rest of your competition in your niche category.

Why use article submissions to article directories as a form of marketing? In short, article directories are huge sites and generally have a decent Google page rank. If you can get inbound links from large websites with a nice page rank then you can get above the rest of the pack in your niche area. This method has recently come about and has proven to work many times over. The concept of free backlinks is old, but article marketing is a new outlook on the old idea.

Will any article directory work or does it have to be a special one? Well, to answer that question I would say that no - any ol' article directory will not suffice. You should do some minor research on the directories that you want to work with. I suggest not submitting your writing to directories with a low page rank and duplicate content. Which brings me to my next area of discussion.

Can I just copy and paste my current blog articles into a directory and submit it? Yes, you can and no you can all at the same time. I say that yes you can because who is going to stop you? I say no you can because it will be a duplicate copy of your exact text that is already out there on your blog. Google is the main search engine right now and they penalize duplicate content. That search company would rather take both results out of their index than have both listed. So if you want to go backwards then go ahead and take the shortcut and replicate your content.

What should I do if I do not want to create new content just for the directories? I do not have the time to rewrite all my articles, but I want free backlinks. That is a great question that has been emailed to me about 250 gazillion times already. (Yes, slightly over exaggerated) To answer the question I would say that you should just copy and paste your currently written content and then reword most of it. Yes, this can be a royal pain in the rear however it will save you tons of time if you just rephrase your current text. Espeically if it is your work already - it is easy to spin off of a topic that you already know about. This is not the same as just duplicating your ideas because you will be converting the thoughts to new original works.

Alright - I am sold on the idea of how to get free backlinks with article marketing, but where should I start? If you are looking for a solid place to get started then you can utilize some of these directories below. I suggest using a few to get started with. I feel that it is better to use a few article directories multiple times for multiple articles rather then use many directories once for just one article. I typically use about 3-5 good article directories and so far I am happy with the results that they have been giving me.

Here are some great article directories that will help you to build free backlinks to your website.
If this article has helped you please re-tweet it via the tweet me button at the top right corner of the blog. I would greatly appreciate it if you would. Thanks guys for reading - check back for more information soon!

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Google Music | Find Music On Google

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Google Music - wow, what a concept. Do you think that the search engine company will eventually have an extension that will allow users to directly download from a search page? I personally think that they will offer this as a service, and I believe that it will be free to anybody with a Google account.

Knowing Google they will most definitely provide all the media for free somehow. Sometimes I really do not know how their stuff is free, but that company always seems to find a way. People do not experience the world the same way thanks to Google. The human race will evolve faster intellectually with all the information in the world at it's fingertips. The other night I was explaining to my daughter about how hard it used to be to do basic homework.
Me: "If you were assigned a paper on something then you would have to get a ride or walk to the library to get a book about it. However, it is not that easy - you have to find the right book first. Then once you find the right book you have to read most of it to find what you are looking for."
Her:"You are tricking me, aren't you?"
Me: "No - Dotty, I am not tricking you."
Her: "Where was Google?"
Me: *Shakes my head and silently laughs to myself.* "They didn't have the internet back then."
Her: "WHAT?!?!"
Note to reader: I call her Dotty because she called me Daddy when she as younger. One day I just called her Dotty and she liked it then it sort of just stuck around with her.

What I am trying to get at is that the world has changed so much because of instant communication and quick data relay. Google has been the number one search engine for some time so they must be doing their part in helping. They got so huge because they were offering everything for free, and this is why I eventually see a Google Music Search feature or at least an extension software product of the company. As a matter-o-fact the company has provided many free products such as:
  • GMail
  • Maps
  • Voice - Voice messaging service that transcribes your voice mail into a text and sends it to your phone
  • Calender
  • Docs - Excel, PowerPoint, Notes, and Word
  • Sites - A product that lest you build and host a website totally for free.
  • Etc. - They provide too much to name here in this one article.
As of today a person would be able to search for music on Google easily utilizing some basic search commands. You could find open directories to download the music from, you could find FTP files that contain music, and it could all be free if you know how to access it. A person could also stream the and play the Google Music online through their "OneBox Discover Music" specialized search page.

I wonder if and how the music industry will try to penalize Google Music once it is offered up to the world for free. Will the prosecutors even get away with it or will high power Google attorneys overturn the charges? Why would someone pay for something when they could find it for free right on the internet?

So as of right now downloadable Google Music is not allowed. However, you are capable of streaming songs over the search engine with Discover Music on Google. (Click Here For Music) If you want to find downloadable songs then use the command listed below to find what song you are looking for.
(Copy and paste the command below directly into the Google search bar)
-inurl:(htm|html|php) intitle:"index of" + "last modified" + "parent directory" +description +size +(wma|mp3) "Lady GaGa"
You can substitute the artist from "Lady GaGa" to whatever you are searching for. What you are doing by entering this into Google's search engine is pulling up songs that are stored on public directories or on someone's private ftp files. Whatever music source doesn't have passwords and no listing custom privacy settings will pull up in Google's search results.

I hope that you found this article asking yourself, "What is Google Music?", and are now leaving knowing exactly how to find music for free online. If this article has helped you learn something then please pass it on. (If you use Twitter - there is a re-tweet button at the top of the page)

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How To Make Money Online Easy

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People ask me this question all the time via email. I have to say that there is no guaranteed super fast way to make a small fortune online. However, there are tons of easy long term ways to make money online. People do not even realize how easy it is sometimes so they just give up. I am here to tell you that I am living proof that the systems work, but they are terribly time consuming.

Let me explain a little about my opinion on how to make money online easy. I have spent many years of my life trying to make a living from the internet. I have been caught up in many MLM and pyramid schemes that ended up with all my money. I have affiliate marketed products and never got any returns and the ones that I did get paid on didn't cover my advertising budget. The point is that I have been through the ups and downs of how to make money online. I have seen the nitty and the gritty while I was learning my inside information. I am willing to teach you everything that I know, and all you have to do is read and apply.

First I would like to say that in order to make money online you may have to spend a little money online. This is an age old concept that applies to just about anything. I would say that a good place to spend your first $10 would be on a domain name. With just about anything you will need a webpage to promote whatever it is that you decide to promote.

Now that you have a website you can decide what route you want to go to make money online. Do you want to make money promoting affiliate links? Do you want to make money online blogging about current events or your own opinions? Maybe you would like to dip off into get paid to sites and make a small chunk of change there. Once you decide how you want to make money then you can proceed onward toward financial freedom.

Niche Blogging:

The easiest way to make money online would be through blogging. If you can write about a niche topic and write quality content you can make decent residual income. The problem with this method is that it will take some time to leverage into place. So money overnight is out of the question with this path.

Once you take the time to get organic search result rankings high you will get tons of traffic for free. This system is by far the most powerful. The idea is to become an expert in your niche or filed of interest. Once you are established you will bring in amazing traffic that will convert over to massive income. By learning this method to make money online you will be able to make everything else work for you. The hardest part is getting all the traffic to work for you.

Affiliate Marketer:

In my opinion this is the best "concept" to make money online for free. You do not have to own the products you just have to promote them. How you may ask, you can use your website to build a very visually stimulating landing page to an affiliate link. Your affiliate link could promote the hottest eBook that is currently selling. You could be an affiliate for Amazon.com and be getting a percentage of everything purchased through your link.

Here is an example that one person in every family could do. You could make money off of your family and friends by setting up a page full of online shopping networks that will pay you a percentage of the sales. Then you can make everybody around you purchase through your page. This is a great way to get other people to pay for your holiday gifts. I know some people who spend close to a grand for the holidays. Through some affiliate links I could earn up to $300 off of their purchases alone.

Viral Celebrity:

Another way to make money online would be to go viral on YouTube.com or any other similar site. Do you have a good personality, and a desire to be a celebrity? Well, with those two character traits you could go far with a video site such as YouTube. Some people get paid just to make videos of themselves doing nothing. (I do not know why people watch some of the stuff that they do!) If you can get video views up to a million or more then you have serious Adsense potential. If you had a website that was attached as a link via the description you could get traffic back to your website as well. That is an easy way to get traffic twice off of the same people.

Online Business Is Booming:

If you are a local service business provider then you could make money online by going online. What I mean is that I find millions of contractors that do not have a website that promotes their company. I did an experiment with a contractor awhile back that doubled his leads and ended up convincing him to get online.

Let me put it super simple... Phone books are a waste of paper and are obsolete. If I need ANYTHING, I just get online and find it either with my Ipod, computer, or phone. Yeah, it is that easy to find something. If you are a local service company you are missing out on the online potential. Make money online just by getting your brand on the net. It is the most simple business decision that you can make, and you will find out that it is the best one as well.

So if you are out there trying to figure out how to make money online then spend a little more time taking action. It is so easy to read the "how to" tutorials, but it is hard to actually get motivated enough to apply the great information. I hope that I have helped you in your quest to make money online easy. Good Luck!

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