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What Is HootSuite And Why You Need It?

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Let me tell you that HootSuite is one of the greatest tweet platforms that I have ever come across. That is saying alot considering I have dissected many tweeting platforms since Twitter was created. I knew from the get go that finding a smooth interface was going to be a necessary component to my social media marketing techniques.

So to better answer the question, "What is HootSuite?" I will flat out say that it is an online social networking media communication tool. The people who created it have totally intertwined it around the Twitter social network. The creators did an impeccable job at creating a multi account auto tweet platform that has a built in URL shortener for free!

One of the greatest things that comes with HootSuite is their great URL shortener ow.ly. Why is this such a big deal? Well, ow.ly tracks all their short links that they generate for you. That means that you will know who clicked on what link and what tweet it was from. That type of knowledge is a very powerful tool to have on your side, especially if you are an affiliate marketer.

Save your tweets now and post them later when you are not even on your computer. That is right, HootSuite allows its users to automate their tweets and post them at set time frames. If need to run an errand, but you still want to stay on top of a keyword every hour you could utilize this aspect of HootSuite while you were away form your computer. A person could post tweets even when they while they sleep with pre-tweeting and saving them for later. The great thing is that your tweets are set on an online timer and the tweets are saved in a cloud server online. That means that your computer doesn't even have to be on for you to be automatically posting tweets.

If you have multiple accounts you can post from all of them at the same time or individually. This takes the hard work right out of managing your many twitter aliases. I used to dread logging out of one account to only log onto another to then do it all over. So with the time saved through out the day I could then turn out at least 5 new articles more each month depending on what I was writing for. Using one platform for many accounts is the way to go.

You can track certain keywords and trends on Twitter. With being able to watch the rise and fall of your selected keywords an affiliate marketer could become pretty powerful. I believe that keyword and trend research is the way to build and use very potent and juicy keywords. Watch and track enough keywords and you could become a demigod of your niche industry online.

HootSuite is very user friendly and very customizable. One of the things that you can do is manage your columns. You can make them bigger or smaller depending on your prefrences. With the ability to move and swap your columns you can put things in your own order. Having this type of power over the HootSuite dashboard makes the users feel pretty comfortable with the switch to it's interface. I know that I personally had fun dragging my columns around my screen just dragging them and dropping them where ever I pleased.

What it all boils down to is that if you use social networking to make money online then you could greatly benefit form HootSuite. If you just like to communicate then you should still check it out because it is still a great Twitter platform for many reasons. If you were thinking about spending money online to purchase another software program similar to this free one then I am hoping that I can save you money with this article.

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