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How To Add Feedback Button To Blog or Website

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You want to know how to add a fixed or stationary feedback button to your website or blog. I know because I was searching through Google to find out how to add a stationary feedback button to my site just the other day. It took me some time to find a good posting with a walk through, but it was still unclear about a few aspects of "how to" do it. Luckily I have some experience in those areas so I could figure that part out.

I will break it down into an easy to read tutorial or guide that explains exactly how to add the fixed feedback button to your blog or website. The first things you will need to do is to get a button that you want to use. I personally just created one in Gimp (a free Photoshop knock off), but I am sure that there are many out there on the internet.

Get your feedback button hosted, and I suggest that you sign up with Photobucket.com or a similar site to host your button. If you can get a direct link to another premade feedback button then you do not have to download and upload anything to anywhere. I already had a Photobucket account and I have the ability to make a simple button, so I went that route.

Alright, so you have found your button and have it uploaded or at least have a direct link to somebody else's uploaded pre-made feedback button. The next thing that you will need to do is to create a "Contact Me" or "Feedback" page on your website or blog. Once you have all of that figured out then you are ready to learn exactly how to add a feedback button to your website or blog.

I use blogger so I will walk you guys through the steps to adding the feedback button to your blogger blog. (For other blogs sites or websites just find your HTML or XML layout area) I love blogger because you can just add a gadget to your website and then you are practically done with the hard part. Follow the steps listed below for an easy installation of your feedback button.
  • Sign in to your blog or website.
  • Click the layout link (or get to your layout area if not using blogger)
  • Click the Add Gadget link (or get into your HTML area of your website if not using blogger)
  • Then select HTML/JAVASCRIPT as your gadget.
  • Then copy, paste, and edit the code below into the new gadget. (You can copy and paste into your sites HTML if not on blogger)
Copy and paste this code: (a class="feedback" href="http://your-contact-page-link-here/" style="bottom: 350px; display: scroll; left: 0px; position: fixed;" title="Send Us Your Feedback")(img src="http://Your-feedback-button-direct-link-here" /)(/a)
- Change the ( )'s to <>'s when you paste the code to your site. I had to convert to parenthesis so the command wouldn't execute on my blog.
Alright - let me explain a little bit about what you just did or how to change the placement of your button. You just placed it 350 pixels from the bottom of the page and 0 pixels from the left side of the page. 

How to edit or change placement of your feedback button on your blog or website: If you want your button on the right of the page then change the word "left" to "right". If you want the button down from the top then you can change the word "bottom" to "top". You will have to play around with the placement by changing the "350" to your desired number, and you can change "0" to whatever you want.

I suggest that you play around with those settings in button edit area so that you can find the best placement that suites your site. You can add other buttons as well and create a menu along one side of your website or blog!

As always, please re-tweet this article if you found it helpful. Thanks guys for reading this article. Please drop me some feedback and let me know what you think if you have some extra time. 
I would appreciate it!

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