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Google Music | Find Music On Google

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Google Music - wow, what a concept. Do you think that the search engine company will eventually have an extension that will allow users to directly download from a search page? I personally think that they will offer this as a service, and I believe that it will be free to anybody with a Google account.

Knowing Google they will most definitely provide all the media for free somehow. Sometimes I really do not know how their stuff is free, but that company always seems to find a way. People do not experience the world the same way thanks to Google. The human race will evolve faster intellectually with all the information in the world at it's fingertips. The other night I was explaining to my daughter about how hard it used to be to do basic homework.
Me: "If you were assigned a paper on something then you would have to get a ride or walk to the library to get a book about it. However, it is not that easy - you have to find the right book first. Then once you find the right book you have to read most of it to find what you are looking for."
Her:"You are tricking me, aren't you?"
Me: "No - Dotty, I am not tricking you."
Her: "Where was Google?"
Me: *Shakes my head and silently laughs to myself.* "They didn't have the internet back then."
Her: "WHAT?!?!"
Note to reader: I call her Dotty because she called me Daddy when she as younger. One day I just called her Dotty and she liked it then it sort of just stuck around with her.

What I am trying to get at is that the world has changed so much because of instant communication and quick data relay. Google has been the number one search engine for some time so they must be doing their part in helping. They got so huge because they were offering everything for free, and this is why I eventually see a Google Music Search feature or at least an extension software product of the company. As a matter-o-fact the company has provided many free products such as:
  • GMail
  • Maps
  • Voice - Voice messaging service that transcribes your voice mail into a text and sends it to your phone
  • Calender
  • Docs - Excel, PowerPoint, Notes, and Word
  • Sites - A product that lest you build and host a website totally for free.
  • Etc. - They provide too much to name here in this one article.
As of today a person would be able to search for music on Google easily utilizing some basic search commands. You could find open directories to download the music from, you could find FTP files that contain music, and it could all be free if you know how to access it. A person could also stream the and play the Google Music online through their "OneBox Discover Music" specialized search page.

I wonder if and how the music industry will try to penalize Google Music once it is offered up to the world for free. Will the prosecutors even get away with it or will high power Google attorneys overturn the charges? Why would someone pay for something when they could find it for free right on the internet?

So as of right now downloadable Google Music is not allowed. However, you are capable of streaming songs over the search engine with Discover Music on Google. (Click Here For Music) If you want to find downloadable songs then use the command listed below to find what song you are looking for.
(Copy and paste the command below directly into the Google search bar)
-inurl:(htm|html|php) intitle:"index of" + "last modified" + "parent directory" +description +size +(wma|mp3) "Lady GaGa"
You can substitute the artist from "Lady GaGa" to whatever you are searching for. What you are doing by entering this into Google's search engine is pulling up songs that are stored on public directories or on someone's private ftp files. Whatever music source doesn't have passwords and no listing custom privacy settings will pull up in Google's search results.

I hope that you found this article asking yourself, "What is Google Music?", and are now leaving knowing exactly how to find music for free online. If this article has helped you learn something then please pass it on. (If you use Twitter - there is a re-tweet button at the top of the page)

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