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Free Backlinks With Article Marketing

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How are you going to build free nonreciprical backlinks to your website? I know that it can be hard to do this and that it can be time consuming. I will tell you the most effective way that I know about how to build free backlinks to your website. I suggest you look into article marketing - submit articles to article directories and put a link back to your website.

Time is going to pass each and everyday and there is nothing that we can do about it, at least not yet anyway. You may as well as build a backlink daily or weekly so that over the course of a year you could put 52 to 365 solid one way and free backlinks to your website. I suggest using article marketing to leverage your website above the rest of your competition in your niche category.

Why use article submissions to article directories as a form of marketing? In short, article directories are huge sites and generally have a decent Google page rank. If you can get inbound links from large websites with a nice page rank then you can get above the rest of the pack in your niche area. This method has recently come about and has proven to work many times over. The concept of free backlinks is old, but article marketing is a new outlook on the old idea.

Will any article directory work or does it have to be a special one? Well, to answer that question I would say that no - any ol' article directory will not suffice. You should do some minor research on the directories that you want to work with. I suggest not submitting your writing to directories with a low page rank and duplicate content. Which brings me to my next area of discussion.

Can I just copy and paste my current blog articles into a directory and submit it? Yes, you can and no you can all at the same time. I say that yes you can because who is going to stop you? I say no you can because it will be a duplicate copy of your exact text that is already out there on your blog. Google is the main search engine right now and they penalize duplicate content. That search company would rather take both results out of their index than have both listed. So if you want to go backwards then go ahead and take the shortcut and replicate your content.

What should I do if I do not want to create new content just for the directories? I do not have the time to rewrite all my articles, but I want free backlinks. That is a great question that has been emailed to me about 250 gazillion times already. (Yes, slightly over exaggerated) To answer the question I would say that you should just copy and paste your currently written content and then reword most of it. Yes, this can be a royal pain in the rear however it will save you tons of time if you just rephrase your current text. Espeically if it is your work already - it is easy to spin off of a topic that you already know about. This is not the same as just duplicating your ideas because you will be converting the thoughts to new original works.

Alright - I am sold on the idea of how to get free backlinks with article marketing, but where should I start? If you are looking for a solid place to get started then you can utilize some of these directories below. I suggest using a few to get started with. I feel that it is better to use a few article directories multiple times for multiple articles rather then use many directories once for just one article. I typically use about 3-5 good article directories and so far I am happy with the results that they have been giving me.

Here are some great article directories that will help you to build free backlinks to your website.
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