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Yahoo Work From Home Kit Scam | Be Aware!

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Wow really - these guys just do not give it up when it comes to the work from home scam. The Google Work From Home Package just became the Yahoo Work From Home Kit. It is amazing what people will do to scam other innocent people like yourself.

The main purpose of this article is to make people aware that the Yahoo Work From Home Kit is a total fraudulent online scam.
Discussed below are a few dead give aways as to why it is a scam, but then there is the small print in their Terms and Conditions that just seal the deal. The website that I am talking about probably popped saying that it is your city's local news or look like national news.  Then it will have an "as seen on these websites" flashy banner that they use to convince you that they are legit. The main website behind all these scams is internetrichgurus.com and they use all the popular website logos to help push their scam to the public. Beware of this image because they are tricking people into thinking that they are legit.

These websites pictureThis company claims that they will send you a package or C.D. in the mail for a small shipping fee. The shipping fee is only $2.95 at first, and then once you try to leave the page they discount the fee down to just one dollar. Hey, this sounds like a great deal to me, right? Wrong, and let me tell you why this is not a good deal. This company was in such a hurry to scam you that they didn't even finish converting their website over to Yahoo Work From Home Kit from the last scam they were pushing (Google Home Income).

Instant dead giveaways that Yahoo Work From Home Kit is a scam.
  • They were too lazy to finish the job. If you go to their website and look at the top of your browser for the websites title you will notice that it still says its Google Home Income. All these guys did was take out Google's logo because the search giant started to prosecute for logo infringement. 
  • If you try to leave their webpage they will drop the price and ask if you would reconsider purchasing before you leave. Right on that "discounted price" form it states that you can get your Google Home Income kit for a dollar cheaper. Well for being a Yahoo Work From Home Kit is sure is not affiliated with Yahoo - it seems more affiliated with Google. 
  • You can not access their main web address that is in the address bar. If you look at your address bar you will notice that the web link is a long extension off of the main URL. So I tried to take off the extension and tried to go to just the main website - which could not be found. Well sounds like they are trying to cover their tracks, and they are doing a great job at it so far.
  • No affiliation with Google or Yahoo disclaimer right at the bottom of the page. Yea, you read correctly - this website is trying to claim that you work for Yahoo or Google. Then as a legal disclaimer they state that they are in no way affiliated with the two companies. So if you work for Yahoo or Google wouldn't you need to be affiliated with them?
If you are graphically talented in any way then the switching of logos would be relatively easy. So this rip off artist gets sued by Google, and then switches the scam from Google's logo to Yahoo's rather quickly and got it up and running again. It is amazing how fast these guys work. Each time that there are too many complains the scammers switch the name to something else and get the scam going again.

Did you read their terms of service or their terms and conditions to their website? It is absurd because they send you a c.d. and then charge you a monthly fee of $75.00 to $100.00 each and every month. Once you sign up for the Yahoo Work From Home Kit you will be acknowledging their terms and conditions of service. This means that you basically agree that they are allowed to keep charging you month after month until you call to cancel. Everything that they accrue from you will be nonrefundable. You don't find any of this out until after the first month's bill. I know that it is going to be virtually impossible for you to get out of being charged from them. You will have to raise your voice and have a long verbal battle with that company to get them to stop billing you for nothing. The easiest way to get around this unjustified charging of your credit card if they do not cancel your account is to just cancel your card. You can also say that it was stolen and get a new one issued from your bank or creditor.

Do I really have to cancel my credit cards, what a pain in the neck?! I know that it will be a huge inconvenience to cancel your credit cards just because of some online scam, but it will save you tons of money in the long run. Yes you may have to wait a few days for a new card to come in the mail, but you can call your bank and speed up the process by getting a temporary card or at least the new numbers.

Still want to see what they have to offer? I can help you there and save you the headache of getting out of a money pit. These guys are giving you a C.D. to tell you to use affiliate marketing as a means of internet income. You sign up with a product and then you resell it for the company and get a percentage. Why pay $100 a month to know this information? If you still want to pay someone you can donate a dollar to me for saving you the hassle of a scam. *Smiles*

The basic rule of thumb is that if it sounds too good to be true then it usually is. If I have helped save you from a scam or if you liked this article then please re-tweet it. You can drop me a comment via the comments at the end of this article or through my feedback button.

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Charles said...
December 16, 2009 at 3:53 PM  

do you have any recomendations?

Jay said...
December 16, 2009 at 5:49 PM  

Recommendations for what? Making money online from your home?

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