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InboxDollars Alternative - Other GPT Sites That Pay

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Are you looking for an InboxDollars alternative? If so then I can sure help you out there. I have about five different sites that I use on a daily basis that are similar to InboxDollars. I know that not everybody will have the same user experience when using get paid to sites. This is why I am telling you guys about the 5 other websites that I found that actually pay decent monthly money.

So did you have a bad experience with InboxDollars, and you seeking out alternatives to the system? Maybe you had a great experience and want even more ways to make money online. Regardless of your reasoning behind trying to find an InboxDollars alternative I am here to help you find more sites just like it.

One of the first things we must ask is what type of website is InboxDollars? A quick little fact is that there are only so many types of websites out there, and then they all start to repeat themselves. What I mean is that there are news sites, search engines, song websites, picture websites, blogging websites, get paid to websites, and many many more. InboxDollars is a type of get paid to website that pays their users to fill out quizzes, surveys, free trials, and to even read emails.

Now that we know that we are looking for get paid to websites I can officially tell you about the best ones that I use to make my extra money online. You may want to bookmark this article and refer back to it until you find the next get paid to site that you like the most. Keep in mind that all of these websites are pretty much setup for The United States of America. The reason I say that is because most of the offers request that the participants be located out of the states. (I have heard that the UK is also a good place to be for GPT sites to work!)

The top 3 InboxDollars alternatives are listed below:

  1. CashCrate is one of my top all time favorite get paid to websites. Just like the other two GPT sites listed below this site allows teenagers to make money online as long as they have parental consent. Yes you read correctly, as long as you are 13 years or older you can start making money online easily with CashCrate. The members that post in the forum are extremely helpful, and very knowledgeable. I list this get paid to website first because they pay the most for the offers that you complete. If you look at a quiz on one site and find that exact same quiz on CashCrate you will notice that it pays almost double through them. I assume that the website owners business model is to give more back and take less off of more people. Which is good for us and good for them because more people will use CashCrate once they find out that they give out more money for the same thing.
  2. SquishyCash is another great get paid to website. It is one of the younger sites out there on the internet, but it also has one of the greatest looks to it. These guys have also integrated a virtual slot machine so that their users can "gamble" away their chips that they earn. There is also an online store that people can use their chips to purchase things from. SquishyCash is also different because they allow their members to upgrade their accounts to get more referrals. Yeah you read correctly - sometimes people signup directly to the website and do not have a referral so SquishyCash puts those direct signups under someone who has an upgraded account.
  3. TreasureTrooper is my third favorite site to make extra money from. Now I am not saying that these are the only three that I use, but I am saying that they are my top three to use. I personally like TreasureTrooper due to Mabutu's trading hut, the creative headers that they use, and the guild contest they have. Mabutu's trading hut is their store that you can buy pretty nice things from. I think that as of right now you can get an XBOX 360. The creative headers are just the top graphic that changes from page to page, but they are a nice touch. The guild contest are contest that involve a party of members that all work towards the same goal. There are 4 prizes that a guild may win each month. A guild may win in multiple categories in any given month. I think that type of collaboration is a pretty special thing that not many get paid to sites do. Last but not least these guys may not update offers daily, however they do update weekly and when they do they always add a bunch of them. 
All in all there are many ways to make money online with get paid to websites. If you use all four GPT sites (the 3 mentioned and InboxDollars) you could earn a decent chunk of free money online each month. It is not like these websites require a whole lot of skills to operate them. The basic ingredient is time - I mean who wouldn't want to make extra cash online in their spare time.

I hope that this article has helped you to find another way to make money online with an InboxDollars alternative. If it has you have any questions, comments, or concerns I would be more then happy to respond. Simply drop me a line via my feedback button on the left side of the screen.

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