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Do you shorten your long links through Bit.ly? If so then you may like another one of their extensions called J.mp. I would personally have to say that J.mp makes some of the shortest URLs that I have seen so far. If you use a micro blogging client, such as Twitter, you may want to check out the new shortener if you need to get a little more room out of your post.

I have been in situations where I needed to squeeze just a few more characters out of my blog update. I know that there have been many other people in that exact same situation because I read comments on websites that are asking for a shorter URL shrinker.
I know that sometimes when using a micro blogging client like Twitter your message can literally make or break the 140 character mark. That can be really irritating when you have to rewrite your blog post so that you can get it under the character limit. I have personally been on a quest to find the best URL shortener websites out there, and I even wrote an article on the ones that I have found so far.

Since that article I have found two more great link shrinking websites, and they are from two well known companies. One has already been put down onto paper and posted for my readers a day or two ago, so you may already know about it if you follow this blog. It was Google's URL shrinker called Goo.gl. The one that I am writing about today is called J.mp and it is an extension of the popular site Bit.ly. If you use link shortening websites then you should know that Bit.ly has been rising to the top with over 2 billion link clicks per month!

J.mp shortens your long links down to a simple 18 character or less URL. You have to admit that bring a long link down to something as short as 18 characters is quite impressive. You can get your links even shorter by creating a custom name for them just like you can in Bit.ly. As a matter of fact, everything about J.mp is exactly the same as the parent link shrink site.

J.mp uses the tracking service that Bit.ly provides by converting your links to Bit.ly links and then converting that link over to a J.mp URL. Do not worry - this is all done automatically and is apart of their service that the URL Shortening company provides. Everything is so short, consice, and simple that you will be amazed with the web application provided.

In summary, if you are searching for a way to get just a few more spaces then you should use J.mp the newest shortener from Bit.ly. You will still get all the benefits of the Bit.ly links, but they will be at least 2 or more characters shorter. In the world of micro messaging the more space you have for your content the better. J.mp will prove to be a king in the world of short links.

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