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Google URL Shortener | Goo.gl Your Links!

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Alright world, get ready because now Google is taking on the world of URL Shortening. I have to say that this is totally amazing to me that they are able to keep expanding exponentially online the way that they have. I guess I would do the same if I ran a multibillion dollar company that has nothing better to do then to index and take over the entire internet.

As of today Google URL Shortener is not activated for broad user use. This means that if you go to the Goo.gl website to use their URL shortener then you will find out first hand that it is not currently up and running for public use. The downside to staying on top of technology is that you find out about cool features long before you get to use them! I will sit here twiddling my thumbs for another few months before Google is ready to release their product on the world. The upside, at least you get to know about it before the rest of the world by reading this today!

The official Google URL shortener website is very simple and to the point.  As a matter of fact, with all the text that is on the page there are no more then 117 words total. There are three main reasons that they claim set them apart from the other link shrinker websites on the internet.

The three main points are discussed below:

  1. Stability: The search engine is already pretty stable, but they are going to insure that your links are going to stick around for some time. Google is trying to make their URL shortener the best of the market by providing extermely long lasting stable links that are among the shortest out there.
  2. Security: Google is developing their URL shortener to protect their users and the people who click their links from phishing and malware pages. I think that this is a great idea and I am sure that we will see more of this from other link shrinking sites soon.
  3. Speed: Google plans to provide a fast resolution to short URLs, but I bet you already knew that. Speedy results is kind of their thing and all. Have you ever noticed that when you do a search for something that Google plops over a million pages in front of your face in less than a second or two? No wonder other search companies are straggling so far behind.
In short - If you want a more secure, more stable, and a much faster URL shortener then keep an eye out for the Google URL Shortener. You can access their website through the link below.

Google's official page. Go ahead and follow through then bookmark it so you can check back easily.

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