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Internet Scams That Take Your Money


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Alright, here is a posting that you will love. I am going to be exposing internet scams online right here on this blog. I also urge everybody and anybody to give your two cents. If you know of an internet scam that is taking people's money then please post it in a comment. I will check it out, and if it is truely a scam I will add it to my list of internet scams to avoid.

I am sure that many of you have heard of the older MLM Scams, Ponzi Scams, and Pyramid Schemes. Then there are more recent endeavors that exploit brand names such as Google. Yes, there is even a Google scam out there. The one in particular is the Google Package Scam. This clever little setup gets your credit info to process a charge of $1, and if you like the product they will charge you $75 in three days. The product doesn't even get to your home until after the 5th day and then you get stuck with almost $100 invested into something that just tells you to affiliate market.

In short, please press "CTL and then the D key" to bookmark this article. I will be updating it as I find new scams to post. Thanks for checking in and I hope you don't get caught up in these scams.

1. The Google Package: Exploits a brand name to ensure the customer a guarantee results. Anybody who tries will end up paying $75 before you even get to try the product. Why pay for free common knowledge. They suggest that people should post links on Google and get paid to do so. What they mean is that you sign up with Google Adwords, find a product then pay to have your links active. If you have a decent enough ad then you will get some people to purchase the product that you are pushing. You will then get paid the percent that is prearranged and setup by the actual product owner.

2.Yahoo Work From Home Kit: Another way to scam people using a brand name search engine. Actually this internet scam to get your money is an exact knockoff of the Google Home Income scam, which is through the same guys as the scam above! It is crazy out much money these guys make scamming all of us. If they can get a million people to pay $2.95 for shipping they will have almost 3 million to work with. Then in 30 days you will get charged another $100 and they will walk away with an easy $100 million combined total. With all the financial backing they have these scammers are able to find legal loopholes through high power attorneys. Every so often they quit and create a new name with the same product so they can scam to earn another few million...

3. Stimulus Package or Higher Refund Scam: This scam is a very new one that has resulted form the Bush administration. With the promise of extra money, the scam artist are using .gov websites and graphics to ask for your personal information. That is the main give away, the IRS will not contact you via email and ask who you are. They already know that part!

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