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Is The Google Package A Scam? | Can You Make Money With Google Package

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You are reading this and if you are it is for good reason. You simply do not want to get suckered into any scams. Making $200-$900 a day does sound great but in the same token it sounds a little exaggerated.

Now, do not get me wrong I am not claiming to know every persons results. What I am doing is compiling everybody's possible experiences and my common sense or basic logic into this one article. 

Did you find out about the Google Work From Home package via some ad that stated that you can make big money from Google? Yes, you most likely did, because those ads are everywhere. Generally if something sounds or looks too good to be true then it is usually just that, too good to be true.

The Google Package sign up page will route you to some very basic landing page. There is three to four boxes asking for your personal information such as your email address, name, and phone number. Once you fill out the form then you will be re-directed to another page that explains a little about the system.
Now most people do not take the time to read all of their terms and conditions or the fine print at the bottom of the screen in size 8 pt. font. However, I am not like most people and actually did read all the fine print and all the terms and conditions of service.

First, the Google Package Scam requires you to pay an up front fee of $1. This doesn't sound like an absurd amount of money to ask for especially if the system will bring you checks of a more than grand a week. Wrong, because in the terms and conditions and in the fine print you are signing up for a recurring subscription in the sum of $74.97 to be billed monthly. Yeah, that is a big difference from the measly one dollar.

The system requires that you cancel your subscription within 3 days after signing up to receive the information in the mail. Now, I can not speak for the entire country, but the parcel post takes a minimum of 3 days an usually they take a full 7 business days to deliver anything across country. So they require you to cancel within the three days, but do not deliver the product until the fifth day. That doesn't make sense to me. I am sure that they will not cancel the product for you until after you have officially tried it, meaning that they will get the payment from you of $74.97 plus their one dollar shipping charge.

Logic is telling me that the whole thing is a scam. I mean a huge scam, because the founders of the Google Work From Home Package are capitalizing on the entire country's recession. More and more people everyday are searching for a way to make money online, and these guys make you pay for a system that will just tell you to affiliate market other products with Google Adwords, then charge you $75 each and every month for that useless free information.

If you are still interested in trying to make money online then check out some of the sites to the right. They all provide you a means to make money online, but not a single one will charge you money ever. You shouldn't have to pay money to work for someone. If you want to get rich overnight then please stop reading and go rob a bank because there is practically no way to get hundreds of dollars overnight. (If the system was so easy that you didn't have to do much wouldn't everybody know about it and be making that free easy money too?)

Note to reader: I take no responsibility if you actually do commit grand theft
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