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Write For This Blog | Tell Us About How You Save Or Make Money Online

Are you knowledgeable in the niche of saving money online? Maybe you may know something about how to make some extra side cash over the internet. Why not share it with more people? You can also build a free solid permanent backlink to your website from this site. You can even get traffic off of this website along the way.

How do you sign up to write for this blog?

  1. The first thing that you will have to do is write me an email with your article of original content. It has to be something that has never been displayed on any website before. 
  2. The name of your website and your web address need to be included in the email at the bottom of your article.
  3. Inside the email please include your category or niche that your article would be classified as and email the article to me at:
We will be wading through all of the submissions and will pick the ones that are applicable to our website and then will post them. If necessary we will edit the article before posting it live to our site. We will edit any grammatical errors and revise if keyword stuffing is involved.

Not all articles that are submitted will be posted to our website. However, the ones that are selected will have a solid free backlink to their website. I want to say thanks to all the people that submit their articles to us.


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