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Tweet Directly From Google Wave - Easy Way To Tweet With Google

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Did you know that you can tweet directly from the inside of your Google Wave account. This is crazy that this is already a possibility, and that people are already doing it. Wave was just recently released on an invitation only basis. Some developers have already put together an application that will tweet with waves. Talk about quick!

There are pro's and con's to this free way to tweet from Google, but I believe that the good outweighs the bad. The positive aspect is that you can use one account to tweet from instead of signing into multiple webpages. You can add people to your wave and then they can tweet for you. The downside is that there is no URL shortener just yet so you have to use your pre-made short URL'S. Also if you do happen to add someone to your wave and they tweet something that you dislike or do not approve of, well there isn't much you can do about it.

Yes, it is amazing that you can edit your tweets or someone else's tweets in real time right from Wave. It is amazing that the new Google product is so new yet so many innovations are already popping up from all corners of the internet. It is also amazing that there is so little information about how to do this with Google Wave and Twitter.

I decided that I would share with my readers about how to tweet from a wave. Believe it or not there is no downloading or special codes to copy and paste. If you want to tweet directly from your Google Wave account then all you need to do is create a contact for the Tweety bot. Scroll on over to you contacts area and look for the little "+" key and click it. Once the next box pulls up enter the contact name just as it is shown here: tweety-wave@appspot.com.

That is that hardest thing that is required of you. The next part is even easier because all you will do is create a new wave, invite the Tweety Bot into your wave, then validate your Twitter account right from inside the wave. Then you are DONE!

I told you that it would be easy to setup, and now all you have to do is stop reading and actually take the time to do it. I am sure that there will be modifications and add-ons that will greatly increase the wave/tweet productivity. I think that it would be awesome to have a URL shortener application that is right inside of our Google Wave accounts. That way I do not have to swap tabs back and forth getting or finding the link that I am looking for.

What are some interesting things that you guys would like to see in the near future? I am super excited to see the responses on this article's topic. I believe that if we can get public awareness to a high enough we will get some action response. It would be nice to see suggestions here actually get followed through by some API developers.

If you are still curious about how this works then drop me a comment and ask your question. If you think that this article was informative and helped you to understand the process then please re-tweet and pass this on. As I stated earlier, we need to get the public interested so that people will take this seriously. Once we get enough people asking for the same thing then Google Wave developers will HAVE to listen.

For more great news and articles subscribe to my RSS feed. You can also follow this blog via the Google Followers gadget to the right. Thanks again for your time and I hope that I have helped you in some way or another. Good luck getting your waves pushed through to Twitter.

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