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About Google Chrome OS The New Free Operating System

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Alright guys, I am here to tell you about Google's version of an internet based operating system. Google has really gone above and beyond with this one. Not only does the new operating system give the user access to the internet within 7 seconds, but it is also free. How is that for a Microsoft Windows PC or Apple alternative?

Yeah, a free operating system that will eventually put down the software giants such as Microsoft, Apple, or even Linux. Not only is the operating system free, Google is giving the users the possibilities of server back up with everything done on the machine. This means that is the end of the computer hard drive as we all know it.

You will never lose your documents in a crash, a virus or malicious software will never erase or effect your personal data, and you will not be limited to access from just one machine. You will be able to save your paperwork and get to the office then pull it up on that computer. You can edit something on your phone - lose your phone and still have all your contacts saved online in your Google account.

That is one thing that people are foreseeing as a downside to the Chrome free operating system. You will have to have a Google account in order to access most of the features. I say, so what? I personally have probably three accounts or more that I use on a daily basis from Google. With everything being free you will have no investments into the operating system switch other than your time involved. 

Microsoft just put out Windows 7 operating system. I believe that they are selling it for around $119 to $219 for their newest operating platform, that is only a couple of years older then their last version. I can see how they could be worried about the fact that Google will offer something similar but it is faster and also free. Google has leaked a version that can be installed on your current system. You have to have VMware Player already downloaded, click here to get it, and then you can download and install the Chrome OS ISO Image from here.

If you are just now hearing about Google Chrome OS - Not Google Chrome the browser - then check out this video below. It is jam packed full of everything that you could want to know about it. I hope that I have helped you to better understand Google Chrome OS, and if I did please re-tweet this article and visit my sponsors. They help me to keep my site up and running. Thanks guys, drop me a comment and let me know what your thoughts are on the subject.

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