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Shop Online With Online Pet Stores

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With everybody trying to go as green as possible I thought that I would mention to shop online for your pets as well.
According to the American Pet Products Association the pet industry hit a record high of $45.4 billion. If you think about it - a substantial amount of the money spent was at the actual stores. That means that people jumped in their cars and went to the closest local pet store to buy things. This creates tons of CO2 emissions that eat away at our atmosphere.

My philosophy is that you can get free shipping, save time, and save money all by using online pet stores. Some of the pet stores that are online often offer bigger discounts than the local guys. People are finding out that it is easier to just order a puppy pee pad or some food right from their phone. Think of the shipping process as being the most ultimate car pooling ever. Yes, there will be an increase of trucks on the highway delivering products. The few extra big trucks that are required to move the products around are much better then all 301 million Americans on the roads at the same time trying to pick up cat liter or dog food. After a long and hard stressful day at work who wants to worry about having to stop at a store on the way home?

PhotobucketI have found a great website that sells pet meds online. I am talking about 1800PetMeds.com and I recommend them because I found answers there where none could be found locally. I had to get something for my little black pomeranian dog awhile back. My local store had what I was looking for, but at an outrageous price. I got upset and jumped on my Ipod Touch right there in the store, found what I was looking for, showed the clerk that it was cheaper, and bought my pet meds online right there at the counter. (I get like that when I am passionate about something.)

As of right now, I only have this great online pet store for you. I have not shopped at any others recently due to not having the need for anything. Once I shop at another online pet store I will post my experience here for all to read. I really hope that you guys consider going to online pet shops instead of the local pet supermarkets. In the long run - the internet could save humanity tons and tons of money! Think about it...

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