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Google Free Music Search | Discover Music On Google

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Free music through the Google website. Wow, as if it was enough that Google has been taking over the internet with all their products. Now they are offering a music search option that allows the searcher to play the song right form the search page. You can click here to discover music through Google music search.

As with anything that is through Google the music search feature is a free extension of their website. The technical name for the search feature is "Discover Music", and it does exactly that for you. Ever wanted to hear a song before you went out to the store and bought the album. Of course you do, and if you're like me you don't want to take chances downloading these days. There are horrendous viruses everywhere and not to mention the music industry is taking everybody to court.

How can you go wrong with playing a song directly through the Google search engine? I don't think that you can. That's the reason that I decided that I would tell all of my readers about it. I figured that you could either save money on gas or you can save money by not purchasing the wrong album. How can you go wrong by using the discover music feature?

Now, I do have to inform you that if you try to search on regular Google you will not find the free music. You have to use their special music search landing page. The special web address for the music search is http://www.google.com/landing/music. Just click that and bookmark it and you will have easy access to free Google music.

As of right now Google does not offer the songs to be downloaded and kept on your computer. Who is to say that this will not eventually happen in the future. It is so hard to tell with how much the search engine company already does for the internet. Some music artist are not too happy with this new music feature and only allowing a sample to be played on Google. Eventually, the music industry will have to acknowledge the music search feature because it will be more publicly known. Until then continue to search for all you music for free right from Google.

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