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Google Wave and CashCrate | Combine Forces And Earn More

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So guys I got my Google Wave invite today. (Thanks to Jeigh) From the time that I knew that I was invited until today I was extremely excited. I have been thinking about all the money making possibilities that are going to arise with the combination of Wave and anything else. This is what made me think about utilization of Google Wave and CashCrate.

I plan to invite all my CashCrate active referrals over to Google Wave. I believe that this collaboration tool will help me to keep in touch with my down line. With the new Google product I will be able to create a wave and invite people into it. Once they are there they can view everything that I have to say.

Not to mention that the messaging system is real time. You can actually view what people are typing to you as they are typing. (The guy that invited me popped into my message and started to type in my sentence!) No more correcting the errors before you send a message... They can see your typos on their screen as you type them. Not a big deal at all if you ask me.

With Google Wave I will be able to help all my referrals through all the sites that I use to make money online with. (CashCrate, Treasure Trooper, InboxDollars, and the others) Since Google Wave is designed to take over the Social Bookmarking or Networking industry people will be using it on a daily basis. It will be easier for communication between all my referrals on all the different sites. Keeping it simple with only one log in to worry about.

Not to mention that I can also post the latest tips and tricks and have the wave sent in my referrals direction. They can watch as I edit or add new content to the active wave. The possibilities are endless with this new Google product. Together with Google Wave and CashCrate we all can make decent money from the internet. Keep up with this blog to find out what else is rolling out!

If you are not CashCrate referral of mine then you are missing out. Sign up today to start earning money.

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George S said...
November 15, 2009 at 11:06 PM  

Interesting post... I can see that you put a lot of hard work on your blog. I'm sure I'd visit here more often. George from how to make money fast.

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