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My CashCrate Welcome Email and Instructions | Online Way To Make Extra Cash

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You are here now reading this message. Read it all and apply my few simple techniques and you will make very good money online from the comfort of your own home! I am totally serious about this and I hope that you can be as well. I promise that if you read everything and apply it you will make $300 to $5,800 a month or even more.

Lets think here about the possibilities of the CashCrate system.

First, I would like to address the messaging system problem. The fact is that 1 out of 10 emails that I send actually go through. I would much rather discuss anything via my email account that I associate with my blog. Jay's Saving Your Money. In this blog I teach you ways to make the most money with CashCrate.

Please contact me at: JaysSavingYourMoney@gmail.com for any questions, comments, or concerns that you may be having with CashCrate. Yes it is outside of the CashCrate messaging system, however it will actually go through.

In the subject bar please put your CashCrate Id number so I know what referral you are. I am willing to help you with any and everything. Remember that you make money off of your referrals, so I want you to make good money so I can get a bonus.

Here is how everything works and how I personally do the CashCrate system.

I Set Micro Goals and Accomplish Them:

I make at least $10 a day. I try to make that money in one hour doing the 50 cent quizzes and surveys. I do it each and every day of the year. Each month I pull in at least $300 a month or more just doing this simple process. Some months I make closer to $600 when I fill out some trial offers and play the "free trial" cancellation game.

Get 10 people who each in return do the same goal of $10 a day. This will greatly boost the earnings that you will receive. If they each make $300 a month you will earn $60 as your referral bonus. 10 * $60 = $600 + Your Original $300 = $900.

Encourage them to each get 10 people they can trust to actually complete the system under them. That way your referrals can earn $900 a month too. It is only fair to share! Here is the kicker.

If you get your 10 people who each have 10 people you will be earning money off of 111 people. 1 person being you, 10 being 1st level referrals paying you each 25% of their earnings, and 100 people that pay you 10% of their earnings.

Here is what you could make with these people altogether. Let us say that each person earns $300 a month.

You have your $300, $2,500  from your 1st tier referrals, and $3,000 from your 2nd tier referrals for a total of $5,800. And the kicker is that every person just earns $10 a day.

The more people that you get on your 1st level the more money that you will make altogether. So since you have already signed up you may as well as try this system out to the fullest!

Contact Information:

Questions, comments, and/or concerns can get emailed to JaysSavingYourMoney@gmail.com

If you want helpful how to guides please visit my blog and click on the "how to" label. JaysSavingYourMoney.blogspot.com (Go ahead and book mark it since you are here.)


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