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What Does GPT Mean? | How Do Get Paid To Websites Work? | How Do I Actually Get Paid?

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Alright guys, I now know how important that this subject is to you. I have literally had almost 100 emails requesting additional GPT websites or just the basic information as to how these sites work. (Remember that GPT means Get Paid To) I figured that it would be as good a time as any to let you know how these sites actually work, and what the term G.P.T. means.

With the rising demand to make money at home easily people are finding ways to make money online. Get paid to websites have sprung up over the last decade. The concept is brilliant, and is a beneficial relationship between all of the parties involved.

GPT sites basically middle man market research companies and the prospects, which would be you and me. Since market research via telemarketing is an obsolete source of information companies are going different routes. They decided to just pay outright to the prospects via the middle man. The middle man takes a small fee and then the money gets trickled down through their system.

Filling out an IQ test can be a lot more fun then answering some aggressive telemarketers calls. Finding out what superhero you are is better then just hanging up on the salesperson on the other end of the phone line. (Don't get me wrong, these survey and quiz sites pay for the right to call your number - so you may get telemarketing calls anway.) However, you can eliminate the telemarketers by using Google Voice as your anti spam service.

You could still be wondering how they are able to pay you money. As I said the G.P.T. sites such as CashCrate or SquishyCash get paid a certain amount per quiz or survey the we complete. Once they get paid they pay us  the majority of the money. The get paid to sites hold on the remaining balance so they can keep their site up and running. (Which is a good thing for us.)

It is just as simple and as easy as that. Really there is no scam involved, and to top it off you can get a percentage of what your referrals make. Don't worry, it wont come out of their earnings but it will come out of the get paid to site's earning. You could be earning up to 30% of their earnings, and if you are like me I make at least $100 a month for sure. So if I was a referral under you then you would be earning $30 for doing nothing.

There may still be a few questions, comments, or concerns as to how to do these quizzes or offers. I knew that this could and would be coming up so I went ahead a made a video for you all to watch. If you are still having any problems go ahead and leave me a comment right here on this post. Thanks guys and I wish you best of luck. A quick side note: Please visit my sponsors and re-tweet this article!

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