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Google CEO Being Replaced?


Has anybody else seen this recently? Larry Page one of the co-founders of the giant company of Google is apparently going to take over the every day operations of the company. The new CEO isn't new news due to the fact that he was there from the beginning.

The Best FREE Android App EVER


So you want to know what the best Android app ever is? Well that part is easy, but before I tell you what is the best application in the Android market first let me tell you that this is just my total opinion. If you are still curious as to what I think is the BEST application for your Android phone is then keep reading.

Swype Keyboard For Your Android


Did you ever use T9? Did you like it? Did it make things faster for you? Well to answer my own questions, Yes I did use T9, I loved it, and it made my texting so much faster. If you are anything like me then you would love to know about Swype the new T9.

Gizmo5 + Google Voice + Android + Wifi = Free Phone

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Hey guys, I know it has been some time since my last update. I have been working on quite a few improvements on other websites, and have been trying to utilize a free phone through a WIFI connection. Let me tell you how I have a free land-line / cellphone through the means discussed below.

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