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Gizmo5 + Google Voice + Android + Wifi = Free Phone

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Hey guys, I know it has been some time since my last update. I have been working on quite a few improvements on other websites, and have been trying to utilize a free phone through a WIFI connection. Let me tell you how I have a free land-line / cellphone through the means discussed below.

If you have followed this blog in the past then you would probably know about Gimzo5. This company was going to be as big as Skype in the V.O.I.P. industry. If you do not know about Skype then you should probably just go ahead and Google it. V.O.I.P. stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol and it just a fancy way to say voice calls made through the Internet.

In the past the main problem with V.O.I.P. is that it had poor reception and the users were limited to their computers and large microphones. Things have changed quite a bit in the recent times. Now we have devices that can get WIFI signals practically everywhere. We have small devices that tell us everything from the weather, emails, phone calls, and other important updates in our lives.

So I am here to tell you guys what you will need to be able to get free calls via the Internet routed to your Android device:

  1. The first thing that you need to have is access to WIFI Internet.
  2. Secondly, you will need a Gizmo5 account. (If you already have one then good for you, if not you can visit the website here and request an invite. Google has recently froze all sign-ups, but you can always put your name on the list.)
  3. You will need to download SipDroid and Gvoice Callback from the app market on your Android device.
  4. Lastly, you will need to have signed up for a Google Voice account. (You can click here to sign up for your free Google Voice account.)
If you have all of these things in order you can proceed to get free calls via the Internet.

How to setup your Android device:
  1. Run the SipDroid app and input your information under settings. Click on Sip account and then input your Gizmo5  information here.

    Authorization Username will be your Gizmo5 number assigned to your account. (Should start with a 1747XXXXXXX) The password is your password associated with your account, and the last thing you will need to modify is the Server or Proxy section: Enter the server address as proxy01.sipphone.com.
  2. The next step is to run the GVoice Callback app on your phone as well. Sign in with your Google Voice credentials. That step is pretty easy.
  3. Sign into Google Voice on the computer and click settings. Under the phones section add your new Gizmo5 account and click save.
  4. That's all folks. Go to your dialer, click to call your favorite contact, and watch the magic happen.
Are you sitting there asking yourself, "how does this work?"

The concept is actually pretty easy to understand once you know that Gizmo5 can receive free inbound calls. Google voice calls your phone and then once you answer it will then route/call the other line you wanted to call first, but it displays your Google number instead of your regular cellular number. So between the two apps and a WIFI connection you place a call, Google calls you back, Gizmo5 accepts the new inbound call, and then Google dials out to the party you are trying to reach. 

I hope that this little write up helps you guys and gals to get free calling on your phones. I know that college students with an Android device and free WIFI on their campus' are going to be excited as much as I was when I first discovered this little work around.

As always - thanks for reading!


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