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Google CEO Being Replaced?


Has anybody else seen this recently? Larry Page one of the co-founders of the giant company of Google is apparently going to take over the every day operations of the company. The new CEO isn't new news due to the fact that he was there from the beginning.

There isn't much to say about this topic yet, other than the fact that Eric Schmidt is going to be replaced by the original co-founder of Google. There is no real speculation as to the main reason why this is going to take place, but it is. Does anybody else think that the reason why is due to the last part 2010 the Google earnings that were steadily dropping?

Are you asking, "When is the CEO swap going to take place?" From the sounds of it the Google CEO will be replaced at the beginning of April, matter of fact April 4th of 2011 to be exact. What is the next step for the good old boy Eric Schmidt?

There is rumor floating around on the net that Eric Schmidt will take over as Executive Chairman. What are your thoughts on this guys and gals? Do you think that this is a positive move forward or a negative move backward? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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