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The Best FREE Android App EVER


So you want to know what the best Android app ever is? Well that part is easy, but before I tell you what is the best application in the Android market first let me tell you that this is just my total opinion. If you are still curious as to what I think is the BEST application for your Android phone is then keep reading.

Now I personally believe that if you have a phone or tablet that is running any version of Android you should download the app Lookout Mobile Security. This application is a blessing from above and it has saved me and my friends from making insurance claims on more than one occasion.

I have lost my phone in my couch numerous times. I am pretty sure that everyone has at some point in time. Matter of fact, I think couches have a built in remote, change, and phone eating mechanism. Maybe I went out on a limb with that last statement, but I choose to believe it as fact until proven otherwise.

Now the reason that I like Lookout so much is that it is free. You can choose to get the "premium" upgraded version to get more options, but the free version of the application works out just fine. So back to when my couch ate my phone... I simply logged into my account over the Internet and made sure, via GPS, that it was indeed in my house. Then I clicked on the button to "Make it scream", and boy did it ever scream.

The "Make It Scream" button makes your phone awake from silent or vibrate and start to scream a police siren. This feature is pretty spiffy if you ask me. Another incident where the phone was lost was at a hockey game. My friend left it in the seat and we made it all the way to his house before he realized that he didn't have his phone.

In the midst of him freaking out over not having his precious Android I had logged into the Lookout website and found out it was still at the stadium. So I clicked "Make It Scream" and then we jumped in the car. Once we got back to the stadium we walked in and the security guard started for us. I got on my phone and asked his daughter, who was back at the house still, to make it scream again. The security guard that was walking forward to deny us access to the stadium about jumped out of his boots. He pulled the phone from his pocket and looked very frustrated. My buddy walked forward with his hand out and said, "I think you have been expecting us".

That was the end of that whole mess. The security guard didn't ask any identifying questions or anything. He just wanted away from that screaming device as fast and as soon as possible. My buddy thanked him and we got on our merry little way back to his house. Apparently, according to the guard, the phone's siren echoed off of the stadium walls and was pretty easy to locate. He said he tried to shut it off, but he couldn't figure it out.

The reason that I am writing this article today and claiming Lookout Mobile Security to be the best app on the Android Market is because we had to use it again today. My friend's daughter had her phone stolen at school and she called her Dad from the school's pay phone. He got on the Internet and made it scream. The kid that had stolen the device ditched the phone on top of some lockers and a random teacher picked it up. She just now sent him a text that said "Thanks, Dad. I just got my phone back!"

This makes me happy enough to finally write about it for you guys and gals. So if you want to use an awesome free application that will save you time, money, and effort then check out Lookout Mobile Security from the Android App Market.  You can visit this link HERE from your phone to download it form your Market directly. Yep, I did all the work of locating it and everything! If you are at the computer and do NOT want to open my website up on your phone then pull out your barcode scanner and scan the QR code below.
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