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How To Get Invited To Google Wave | Get Your Google Wave Account

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Today I officially got more invites to hand out. The last time I sent them out the people I sent them to didn't utilize Wave at all. This set of invites I am sending them to the people who really want them. Why waste them on someone who wont even use the service, right?

You may have missed the first and second wave of invitations, but your window of opportunity is still open. Tell me about why you want a Google Wave invite and what you plan to do with your new Wave Account. Do you plan to monetize Google Wave or do you plan to use it to replace the way that you communicate with today's world. Tell me in your own words why you need your Wave account. Please do not spam the Wave invite request form. Only submit your request once, all duplicates will be removed from the wish list.

As you are probably guessing there is a limited number of invitations to hand out. This is why I am asking for people to tell me what they plan on doing with their new Wave accounts. Why give an invitation to someone who is never going to sign in when there are people willing to pay to get invited? (I would never charge for a Google Wave invitation, but many people do)

I know that from my own personal experience I was searching the internet looking for a sure fire way to get my Google Wave invite. I found that there is no guarantee's, but I was happy to find someone like myself who was generous with their invites.

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