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Get Paid To Tweet With Sponsored Tweets - Make Money Tweeting

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Wouldn't you like to get paid to tweet? That would be awesome if that were the case. Oh wait, it is the case for some professional tweeters out there. Yeah, I just used the words professional and tweeters in the same sentence.

So you may be wondering who is going to spill the beans and let you know how to make your money tweeting? I will! I will take the stand and testifiy that this is an excellent source of revenue. Making money for posting less than 140 characters sounds absurd, however it is the bizarre truth.

There are people getting paid over $100 per tweet to post their tweets by SponsoredTweet.com. Think about how many tweets you post through out the day, and then think about you getting paid up to a "c-note" per tweet posted. If you are a twitter junkie then you can see how each tweet can add up.

People do not even consider the possibilities of Twitter and other social networking websites. I bet you as a reader just was wondering how tweeting for cash actually works out.

I will take a few minutes right now and explain to you how you get paid when you tweet for cash. Sign up with SponsoredTweets.com and  then wait until an advertiser notices that you have a high follower count or your posting activity. If you post often enough  and your post or tweets get enough clicks on the links you post then you will become a vital asset to that advertiser. Lets say for instance, you put tweet about something and included a link that got clicked 200 times. You just directed 200 people through to an online destination. If that destination was an advertiser and they were paying you even just a dollar per tweeted link click through; then you could potentially earn $200.

If you want to find out more on the subject of getting paid to tweet or use Twitter then check out SponsoredTweets.com. Get with the program and start getting paid for what you already do...tweet.

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