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TreasureTrooper - CashCrate Alternative - Easy Money Online With Surveys and Quizzes

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*Update: Check this article here for all the Cashcrate alternatives I personally use.*

Are you looking for ways to get paid to do things online? If you have already found a way to make money online you are on the right track. You may have signed up with other GPT websites such as CashCrate or InboxDollars if you follow my blog.

If you are just coming in then you have some catching up to do if you want to generate money online. Treasure Trooper is the website of discussion tonight. So I have found another great Get Paid To site that actually pays out. As of right now I am working my systems with three different sources. Each one pays me a small chunk that when all are put together add up to be a tidy sum!

TreasureTrooper is a great alternative to CashCrate or Inbox Dollars, however I would not say that it is any better then the other two mentioned. It is of no importance of which site pays you the best because you will be earning money on all three! Multiple sources of online revenue is the key to making enough money to pay your bills each month.

The Treasure Trooper is also no different in the concept of filling out forms, quizzes, and surveys to earn a quick buck online. These guys do have a few interesting aspects that they think make the system more appealing or fun. It is pretty sweet, but I can do without the graphics and such if it came down to it.

So to recap on this posting... I suggest that all my readers get signed up with CashCrate, InboxDollars, and TreasureTrooper. Earn money by working 10 minutes daily on each site and by referring 10 people monthly to sign up and do the same as you. By the end of the year you will be earning a fat referral bonus off of 120 people. (How great is that!) I went crazy and I get 10 referrals every few days now and well lets say that my day job is easy and relaxing!

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