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Is CashCrate A Scam? - The Inside Information That You Want To Know | GPT Scam Site

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Trying to find out if CashCrate.com is a scam or if it is legit? Well you must be if you are reading thi article, and especially if you found it through a search engine such as Google. I was just like you not wanting to get caught up in a CashCrate scam. I checked into this get paid to concept and decided that I would give it a full try for at least 30 days. Here are my actual findings and what I experienced after a month.

When I signed up for the CashCrate system I knew that it could be a scam , but I did exactly what I followed all the rules and actually ended up getting a check in the mail. I can officially tell you that the CashCrate GPT website is actually legit and it is not a scam.  I am extremely happy with my results because they were enough to pay my cell phone bill that month.

I found out that get paid to websites, like Cashcrate, can be used to make you some extra side money online. I am sure that there are people make serious money, but as with anything those people are working really hard to get that cash. Get paid to websites have so much potential because the online market is so massive. If a marketing genius could corner a small fraction or even just 1% of the market that uses the internet they would be millionaires.

As with anything, there are both positive and negative points to this CashCrate review. Before writing the good and bad, I am going to openly declare that Cashcrate is no scam! With that being stated again - I think that I will start out with the negative aspects first.

The Bad:

I did have a few issues with some things, but that was expected from me going into the situation. I was not happy about how long it took at first for me to get paid. I understand now how the system works, but at the time I wanted instant gratification via PayPal or something similar. (PayPal payments are offered as a payment method if you get 50 active referrals.) I ended up getting paid from the website via a check they sent out at the end of the following month.

I didn't like the fact that I was going to be giving out my confidential information to some of these companies. I hated the fact that I was going to get massive increase of spam in my email account. Let's not forget to mention the numerous telemarketers calling my phone at all hours of the night. Seriously, these negative aspects of get paid to websites almost made me quit using CashCrate. I just about gave up ten days into my 30 day trial period because of the above reasons until I found a few loopholes. You can check out this article to learn about How To Use Google Voice with CashCrate to avoid unwanted calls.

I live in America, and all the offers, quizzes, and free trials apparently are setup for my country. I am not happy with the fact that other countries have less offers that will be likely to approve for them. Offers may be affected by your country or location, however the referral bonuses are not location specific.
For example: A person who lives in India doesn't get many offers to approve for them, but they are a talented marketer. With the right amount of US active referrals an India person could not even have to worry about offers as long as their down line is big enough.

The Good:

The website was extremely easy to use when it came to learning how to complete the surveys, quizzes, and free trials. I love the fact that each survey or quiz that I took ended up being about something I was already interested in. I was happy that most of the free trials didn't require a credit card or any down payments, but some did require a credit card.

I was happy that just about anybody could use CashCrate to generate some extra money in their spare time right on the computer. If you are a stay at home Mom or Teenager you could earn money on your computer in just a few minutes or an hour each day! (The youngest that you can start is 13 years old) If your children started at thirteen and built a huge list of referrals eventually your teen could be generating a few thousand dollars each month with out getting a job.

Speaking of referrals, I fell in love with their awesome referral program because it was almost too good to be true. Teenagers can use social networks such as Myspace, Facebook, or Twitter to promote their actual CashCrate experiences thus eventually gaining them quality referrals. Think about this: If you could get 10% of your friends on your social network to sign up as your referral you could be making crazy bonuses. Some teenagers have a few thousand combined contacts on all of their social networks and some teenagers have tens of thousands. If everybody just does a minimum of $20 in surveys a month and then the cash really starts flowing in. If a social or popular teenager played their cards right they could have thousands of referrals paying them 30% of $20 each. (Thousands of referrals times $6 each)

Who would have thought that a teenager can make as much as a college graduate before they even become a legal adult. Believe it or not, it is possible to make big money online with the right amount of active US referrals.
If a parent was to get their 13 year old teenager to sign up under them as a referral then the parent can make referral bonuses off of their kids. Now that I bring that up, some of you are thinking about that concept because you have social media rock stars that are still in their teens. Can You Even Believe That, you could be the person at the top making 30% of whatever your kids make

The referral system is absolutely amazing when you really take a look at the numbers. I took a little time to calculate out how much money I could be earning if my family was to sign up under me. The numbers blow out of the water rather quickly, and that makes me think that is why so many people think that CashCrate is a scam.

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