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Google Voice and Cash Crate | Making Money Online Never Got So Easy

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Some of you may have started up with Cash Crate via a link on the website. If you have not visit the button to the right or simply click here. Now that you are started you may be a little worried about getting telemarketers calling your number or miscellaneous junk mail.

I have figured it all out for you! If you take the time to request your Google Voice number and use it you will be happy a few weeks from now. With your Google number you can simply block all the unwanted calls for free. It's extremely easy. I would also enlist your Google number into the National Do Not Call Registry if you are worried about getting calls.

Now for the junk mail that you expect to be getting from the offers through the Cash Crate System. That part was easy with Google's Gmail messagng service. It is free and it a prerequisite to the Google Voice sign up. Believe me you want this service.

I would create a Cash Crate label inside of you Gmail account and apply it to new offers or mail that comes in. To apply you will need to click the little squares to the left of the message in your inbox. Once you get them all checked then go to your drop down menu in the middle of the inbox and click on filter. By creating a filter you can check the option for all new messages like these to archive and label. (This is if you want to keep your own personal Gmail account clear of the junk messages.)

If you do not want to associate your Gmail account with the offers then simply create a new one. It is easy to do and it is entirely free. I probably have 6-7 actual Google accounts each setup to different things. Google is simply amazing guys and gals, and they are only going to get bigger and more amazing over time.

So with your Google Voice number and your Gmail mailing account you are ready to start making money. The idea is that you are giving out your legit information, however you are completely cloaked or hidden. The only thing that may get exposed is going to be your mailing address. You can register a post office box / P.O. Box if you are worried. (I just recycle every piece of junk mail and that takes care of that problem!)

If you were wanted to speed things up I recommend that you download and install Robo Form. Fill out the information one time and you will not have to fill out the basic info on any of the offers because RoboForm will just do it for you.

Let me know what you guys are thinking about this Cash Crate system and my "How To" Guide.

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