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How To Guide To Twitter Online Marketing | It's Free Easy and Highly Effective

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No matter what you may think, there is a right way and a wrong way to use Twitter to promote your online business, website, or CashCrate referral link. (If  you do not use CashCrate because you are missing out.) If you use Twitter the correct way you will leverage your online business into the front of the pack. If you use Twitter and market the wrong way you will lose credibility and fall to the back of the race.

The safest way to use Twitter is to build solid relationships with humans and not computers. It is best to search and look for like minded people who share your same or similar interest. Twitter is a giant text message, so you will be able to find who is real and who is marketing. Once you get a person to follow go from there.

Your followers should become your low level acquaintances. Converse with them, and ask stimulating questions to help drive the conversation and the relationship forward. Avoid users that are just posting spam and are automated. (If someone can direct message or @reply you within seconds of your response then they are a robot.)

The above guidelines are the fundamentals to a solid referral base built by Twitter. The below is a simple 5  step How-To guide on the system.

1. To begin marketing yourself on Twitter you will have to first get on the network. Some people when signing up use false information, however you should use your real name and a real picture. Become what you are targeting. If you look like a person then chances are people will follow you. If you look like a get rich quick scheme then people are going to avoid you!

2. Find familiars who are like you or at least share the same interest as you. Seek out and follow a certain number of people each and every day. (Set a low number to achieve at first then work you way up from there.) Once you have followed these people go back to their sites and start to add all their followers. (Do not worry about the people that they are following though!) As always, when following new people, weed out the machines and do not follow them.

It is hit or miss to try to figure out a conversion rate or a percentage of follows to actual followers. I can just tell you how to play the system and how to beat it over time. Kind of like counting cards will give you an advantage at 21. These tips and tricks are very similar to having that type of insight into the instant social networking market.

3. Follow new people every single day. It doesn't matter if you just follow 100 each day or 900, just start following real people. Follow the method above about finding familiars and following them. This step is making step two habitual. There are great places out there to find followers. Use TwittFollow to build a quick and impressive follower train. People will jump in line and you will get your new followers this way effortlessly.

4. Strike up conversations with people using the @replies so that Twitter sees that you are an active member in the community. Twitter has been changing and evolving since the beginning. They now have bots that watch the bandwidth, conversations over the network, and they are blocking spammers. You wouldn't want to lose your account after the  time t took to build a huge follower base and then get deleted because Twitter didn't see you say one single hello to someone via an @reply, do you?

5. Wait a few days and weed out the people that are not following you back. You have to do this in the beginning so that you can rise above the 2,000 following bar. Once you have over 2k in followers it will not matter how many follows you have in comparison to your followers. However, I would still thin out the people that are not followers and keep adding real and new people.You can use FriendOrFollow.com to help you to metaphorically pull your unwanted weeds from your garden.

If you can follow these few easy to learn steps on how to correctly market on Twitter then you will see high conversion rates for your referral links or whatever you are promoting. I use Twitter to let everybody know about CashCrate and how great it is.

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Kim said...
October 27, 2009 at 3:44 PM  

Jay, that's a great idea about everyone posting to all share in the offer approval wealth. And as soon as I get to figuring out the whole video situation I'll be sure to send the link your way.

Thanks for all your help by the way!

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