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Google Voice | Use Google Voice As Phone Alternative?

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So you may be looking to learn a little more about Google Voice and how it may benefit you. You can simply visit the website http://www.google.com/voice to see what they have to say about their product, or watch the video above. Some of you may have visited Google and still want more information about Google Voice from someone who uses it everyday.

Let me tell you about Google Voice. It is simply the greatest number system ever invented. I actually changed my normal cell number and contacted everybody via my new Google number. Let me tell you why I did this.

The Google # lets you have more options with your phone. Google Voice allows you to customize your voice mail messages to the people you choose. I currently have 11 different voice mail messages that are set to certain groups. My family may call and hear one message and then a friend may call and hear a specific detailed message.

All voice messages come in via email or text message (SMS format) as well as traditional messages. This can be considerably handy when you are receiving many calls a day and they all want to leave messages. Google Voice eliminates the need to go through all 20 voice mails that you have been dreading checking for the past few days. You can simply log onto your account and play the message over your computer or on the phone.

Sick of telemarketers calling your number all the time? Block them from calling your phone line easily and they will hear a very real message that tells them; "The number you have dialed is no longer in service, if you feel that you have reached this recording in error then hang up and dial again." - This is handy! I currently have a blocked group with over 100+ numbers that NEVER ring my phone again!

Some of you may have a website or two and want to give your users a free option to contacting you. Google Voice offers Widgets that can be placed on your website. Even on free websites or sites hosted through Google such as Google Sites. If you have many websites just set the call widget to certain voice mail messages and answering options.

Note to reader: Are you having problems with your Google Site and Google Voice Number? If you cant get your Google Voice Widget onto your site then let me know via a comment. If there is no need then I wont post a way to get your widget onto your site. 

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