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IPocket T.V. IPod Touch And IPhone Application | Free Cable T.V. And Movies

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I was thinking the same thing that you are probably thinking right now. How can this be possible? How am I going to get all this free media entertainment in the first place? In the second place, I do not want to watch it on a tiny screen. The Ipod Touch and IPhone's both have the same sized screen, only one is a phone. 

I can understand these thoughts that you may be thinking this very moment. However, I do want you to continue to read and hear me out. What is five minutes of your time if it will teach you how to save money for years to come? They say to teach a man to fish, right?

If you follow this blog then you will notice a previous article that talks about jailbreaking the IPod Touch. (Click that link to see that article) This is a requirement to setting up the applications that I will be discussing. Jailbreaking the device opens up the possibilities that are available to the owner. Once you get your hands on the Icy or Cydia installers then you will need to look up IPocket T.V. and download it. This is so great because it allows the user to download movies that are made in the .MP4 format. (All PSP movies will play on the IPod Touch or the IPhone.) The builder of this application in discussion host the movies and we just copy or check them out. He accepts donations, but it is still free. I do not know if he will continue to post the movies and television episodes if he does not get his donation mark...

So if you follow these directions and find this application then you will be half of the way to full time media entertainment for free via your IPod Touch or IPhone acting as your filter. I have weighed the options of losing my IPod Touch or IPhone -VS- Losing all the files on my more expensive computer. I do want my readers to know and understand that there are risks involved with everything, and that is why I created this blog. I test the features discussed and prove their legitimcy. Then I post my results here and you guys have the first hand reviews of the programs that are in high demand right now.

Now the only problem is getting the IPod movie from IPocketTV onto a bigger screen. You may be thinking that it will involve some decent computer skills or hacking. You may also be thinking that this is a waste of time because the resolution will be worse once it gets blown up. People, you are correct with the thought process, however there are ways to keep the same quality and not have any special hacking skills.

I will be writing another article on how to get your IPod onto your Television. Check back often to see how else Jay's Saving Your Money!

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