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Free Music On Google - About Musgle

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If you follow this blog then you may remember a recent post about how to find free music on Google through some special search commands. Once that article was published I had received a flood of comments via my feedback button. People just were not quite understanding how to use the search commands discussed. Some of you just didn't understand where the music came from and never took it any further. Some of you guys picked up the concept of specialized search commands and are downloading free music right now. With everybody else in mind, I am here to talk about a non official Google Music search website called Musgle.

I can understand if you still need extra help in trying to understand where the music comes from. It can be hard to wrap your head around how you are getting free music online. The music that you are searching for is stored in someones online folders. These folders do not have passwords and they all got indexed by Google's search engine. This basically means that Google now knows all the best places to look for free music online. I have to say that if you do not own rights to the music then you technically should not download it. Like that has ever stopped anybody before, but I just thought that I would at least say it.

Now if you already understand where the music is stored then you may have been having problems with the actual search commands. That is why I scoured the internet in search of a web application that has the search commands already in place and just awaiting user input. What I mean is that for all the people that are looking for an even easier way to find free music on Google then they should check out a website called Musgle. It apparently is a combination of the two words Music and Google in that order. I dare you to try to say that website's name ten times as fast as you can. (If you are anything like me then you are actually trying...)

I personally put Musgle to the test by using the website and also running another tab with Google and doing the same search with my own commands. I have to say that once I did a search for a popular artist I found right away what I was searching for through both searches. You can imagine how happy I was once I found that out. (I get to blog about it to you guys!) I now lean towards using the website even though the search commands and the Musgle website brought up the exact same search results.

Look Ma - No Ads! What I mean is that the site is just a front for the keywords that were discussed in a previous article that I posted last month. (Here is that article) So you enter what you are looking for then you click search and get redirected to a Google search page that is displaying what you are looking for. Usually there are no sponsored listings due to the long and extensive search command that they use. Google matches the few keywords to ad groups that are with Adwords. So with the search command being so specific you will generally not have to worry about getting confused in all the sponsored listings.

The main positive aspect to Musgle search is that you do not have to remember all the specialized search commands to get access to the the free music on Google. Yes it was a little annoying to have to memorize the 65 character search query. I bet some of you can relate and say that it was also annoying  when I was just copying and pasting back and forth from one opened tab to another. Now, with the website Musgle finding music on Google is much more simple and way easier to use.

If you want to try out this convenient Google free music tool then just visit the website below. 

It would be a good idea if you decided to bookmark that website so you can find it in your future searches. Right now Google officially does NOT have a music download feature. However, they do provide a way to preview music through their search results pages. I should also mention that you can only play it one time all the way through, and you can not download any songs. The second time that you listen to your song it will then be redirected to a shorter version that is usually 30 seconds long.

If I have helped you to better learn how to get free music on Google with Musgle then please tweet this article and tell your friends. I would also greatly appreciate any feedback that you may have through my feedback button on the left side of the screen.

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