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Microsoft Office Alternatives | Free Office Tools From OpenOffice


This post will be talking primarily about how to stop paying the corporate companies the money that they don't need anymore. How much money do you think that Microsoft is making per year? Enough that Bill Gates was the richest man in the world for quite some time!

Lets think logically here. How much does it cost you to purchase a copy of the latest Microsoft Office software? Well, I can take the guess work out of the thinking process and simply tell you how much it cost. As of right now, August 31st. 2009, Microsoft Office is charging a whooping total of $99.00, and it is already marked down to 33% off. Not too bad for a software product that is already two years outdated!

Why do you think that Bill Gates would lose money if he bent down to pick up a $100.00 bill that he found on the ground? Because in that short minute that it took to bend down he would have made $555,187.00.

So, let us all stop paying for stuff that is already outdated to a guy that doesn't need the money. How many units do you think that he sells in that minute to make that godly money? I would guess roughly 5,551 units and that is by just moving the decimal over a two places. These numbers on the units sold per minute are solely to determine how many Microsoft would have to sell in order to pay good ol' Bill.

As for your alternative options that are available to you for a fraction of the price would be OpenOffice from www.OpenOffice.org. This program is technically free, but I suggest that you donate at least $5.00 to help the team to continue the progress with the free product. Even if you all converted to OpenOffice and had to pay $5.00 you would still be paying about 95% less then you would for the same "name brand" product.

OpenOffice contains everything that a person would need in order to survive small business, college, high school, personal, and even probably big business. This all in one client is a download that you install to your computer just like the regular Microsoft Office. The difference in the installation of the software is that you can download OpenOffice from the internet and just install it whereas you would insert a C.D. with Microsoft products.

This free version of Office provides the user many saving formats for all their files. I have found no compatibility problems with importing documents from all versions of Microsoft Office. I mean exactly to say that Microsoft Office has given me many issues and I have had to waste hours converting the files to the other version that I was trying to print from. So for the free version to have no issues is simply amazing to me.

Please visit www.OpenOffice.org for your free version of Microsoft Office.

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