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A Cheap Home Phone Solution | Affordable Ways To Call From Home


I am going to take the time to discuss a solution to the home phone problem. You may not think that there is a problem with your current home phone provider or service. However, there is definitely a big problem. Our country is in the heart of a recession and you guys are all spending way too much money per year on a phone that rarely get's used.

If you are not familiar with my blog site then you will be happy to know that I discuss ways to crunch your bills down and keep the same luxuries available. In a previous blog I discussed the possiblites of cutting out the home telephone altogether, but I am sure that some of you reader's did not like that idea. 

This posting will talk about the product called Magic Jack as it could be the cheapest solution to your house phone needs. This setup is known as a V.O.I.P., Voice Over Internet Protocol, and this phone option is going to be the next standard in phone communciation for landlines.

Are you curious as to how this system works? If so, then continue to read and if not then I guess stop reading right now. 

Alright, so you are still reading. So there are a number of ways to get your Magic Jack product. I know that Walgreens sells them right at the main counter. I know that you can order them via the internet, and for some of you watching infomercials during those late nights could order one via the T.V. So as you can see there is quite a few ways to get your hands on a Magic Jack.

You may be wondering how much this product cost and why you should switch from your land line to this new carrier. Well, here is the sweet spot of this blog.

The Magic Jack system only cost you $35.00 per year and it gives you the option to choose your number via the registration process. I bet you can see that value that I was talking about earlier. Some of you people reading this right now are thinking about how you pay $35.00 dollars a month for your home phone. You can imagine just how much you could save by paying for your home telephone service for the whole year with your $35.00 January bill alone.

This logic is true. If you could save 11 payments of $35.00 per year you could potentially be saving a total of $380 dollars per year. This may not sound like a lump sum, but think if you had this service for the last decade and saved all your savings in a savings account you would have over $3,500.00 dollars. The savings could be used a numerous ways, therefore I am not going to take the time to tell you how to spend your saved money. That part is up to you.

How it works is acutally quite simple. Your Magic Jack will require you to have a high speed internet connection available. I discussed this in a previous posting about how vital a fast web connection can be to saving you ton's of money in the long run. If you have a desktop computer you simply plug the Magic Jack into the USB port on your computer. (This can also plug into laptops, but it is designed to be stationary in a sense.) I recommend plugging it into a desktop that stays running or get's shut down at night. 

Once you get your product plugged up all you will have to do is plug in your favorite cordless phone and then you have your telephone line. Once you call and register a number with the company for free, of course.

This was just another way to save money during this poor economy without losing your daily luxuries that you have grown so accustomed to. Thank you for reading this blog and I hope that I helped you in your quest to save more of your own money. If I have informed you how to keep more of your funds to yourself then please forward this information along to another individual that you know that needs help

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