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Cellular Communication Vs. Landlines | Pro's and Con's


Alright here we are again, but this time I am going to be discussing if you should disconnect your land line telephone or not.

This world that we live in today does not necessarily require everybody in it to own a land locked telephone. Unless you run/own or work inside of a business there is really no need to get phone service through your local cable provider. There are many other better solutions to your communication needs.

The ultimate adversary to the traditional means of communication would be to get a cellular device. About ten year's ago the cellular market took off. What I mean is that once human's hit a revolutionary mark in their history they tend to keep progressing. Now a day's almost every type of business that a person could work for will demand a cellular device to be carried by the employee.

What can be better then instant communication. Phones evolved into mobile devices such as how social networking is doing the same. First we had Myspace.com and then through the process of evolution and direct human engineering we now have Twitter.com. Look at how fast technology is growing and evolving. 

Now, lets get back to topic and discuss cellular options vs. regular land line options. Some of the options that you can check into for service would be the obvious big carriers such as Sprint, Verizon, Att, and Us Cellular. I am more then positive that there are many other big name carriers, but I only mentioned a few. Then there are two main competitor's to the big carriers. These options would be MetroPCS or Cricket, and the service provided completely depends on where you live within America.
What is the difference between the big name carriers and the MetroPCS or Cricket Providers?
The biggest difference between the two set's of companies would be the search volume of calls that the client will be able to place without excessive charges. Basically the MetroPCS and Cricket are pre-pay phones in the sense that you pay a month in advance. That way if you do not pay your bill the company is not out a single penny. This is why these companies do not have to do a credit check or have you pass a 10 point inspection just to get phone service. Not to mention that these two competitors provide the cheapest cellular service with unlimited phone calling when compared to any other phone companies out there.

The big name cellular providers usually require a deposit down on their phones per line. Especially if you do not have any type of credit. (Such types of people that may have no credit may be recent high school graduates or drop outs. College enrolled students or full time Mom's and Dad's can also be a source for the statistics. Just about anybody in this economy during this recession will have issues with getting credit extended to them.) 

So know that we have discussed some of the cellular options let's go ahead and take a look into the landline options. Due to this being a regional decision based on the local land line communication company we are unable to provide many details other then the simple facts. 

The simple facts are as follows:

  • Paying a monthly bill on a home phone can be pointless because that phone can not be portable.
  • If more then one person lives in your home with a cellphones then what is the need for the house to have a number?  I mean is it really necessary to have five numbers all routing to your house of residency?
  • If you do not use your house phone more then five times per day every day then is it worth the additional $20-30 per month every month?
  • Landlines usually charge an additional fee to call long distance. Cellular providers do not usually charge to call long distance unless you are calling cross continents. (I think that Cricket offer's free call's to Mexico though)
In short, I think it would be pointless to have a land line ran to your home unless you are planning on using it daily or have a fax machine that needs to be hooked up. (If it is the latter then I will take the time to write a blog that discusses options to save and additional $120-200 on that fax line per year.) Both phone types can call emergency numbers and both types can get a person in touch with another person. However, the land line phones are stuck where the cable company runs the wires to. A person would be constricted to their house in order to place a call.

These are just a few of the communication options that are available in today's world. I will write another blog discussing other options such as Skype, Google Voice, and one of my favorites Google Talk. If my postings or blogs have inspired you to save money in any way then please forward it to a friend. If you want to donate to show your appreciation for my efforts then please visit the donation link via PayPal. Thank you for reading and I hope that I have helped in some way or another.

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Good advice.

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