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Get Rid Of Cable | It Cost Too Much


Yeah, you may be thinking that I am a little crazy right now for even saying to "Get rid of cable as it cost too much". You would have been correct in your thinking about two or three years ago. As of recent internet and technology evolution humans are able to steam media into their homes for limited cost.

The service that I am talking about is a couple of different ones. All of them will require an internet connection, but about everything that I will talk about on this site is going to require an internet connection some how or way. 
"Why do I need to have an internet connection, and would that be defeating the purpose of saving money?" - This may be what you are thinking at this very moment. I will discuss internet options in another blog, but here is some basic reasoning behind why you need high speed internet.
My reasoning behind the necessity of an internet connection would be from the savings you will be making on everything else that you normally do with or without the internet connection. Almost ever family in America has at least one computer. Many families have multiple computers such as a desktop, laptop, a mini laptop, or one really nice smart phone/pda mobile computer device. The doctors office that my family has been using for the last decade has recently upgrade to touchscreen computers that they use like clipboards. 

McDonalds has computer screens that type out your order back to you for easy communication purposes. Since about 1995 they have been putting computer sensors into cars so the mechanic has to simply plug in his computer screen and it will do a full diagnostics on the car's problems.

Long story short, is that everybody everywhere uses computers. Humans do not evolve backwards so computers will now play a major roll in our existence. What I am suggesting is that you use your computer to your advantage now before the rest of the world catches on.

If you are currently paying for cable then you may be paying $50-$100 dollars too much each and every month. You could be paying $600-1,200 per year too much.There are ways out there to get your entertainment a lot cheaper then you currently are paying. 

Lets talk about how to start saving your money now. One way to get rid of cable and the need to go to a movie store is to sign up for Netflix. Utilizing Netflix.com is about one of the smartest things that I have done in the last two years. Netflix.com charges me roughly $9.50 a month after taxes and they allow me to rent one movie at a time. They also include in that nine dollar package unlimited online video streaming. 

The movies in the mail is a really sweet deal considering you will cycle through at least 15 movies since each one takes 2 days to process. If you watch the movies the day the get there and send it back you will get another one a day later. On average I watch at least 15 movies a month via Netflix through my regular snail mail. (Post office) If you calculate that up you will see how the savings are already taking a toll. 
15 movies at roughly $4.00 a piece is around $60.00 dollars you will spend a month. I get them all for $10.00 dollars a month.
Here is what makes this setup even greater. I currently purchase only laptops starting a couple of years ago. The computer companies are creating the laptops so powerful that an average user wouldn't need to get a desktop computer anymore. These new machines are coming out for only $300-$400 dollars a piece. (Way cheaper then when the microwave first came out!) I have taken the time to get an extra computer monitor cord that is about 12' in length. I also purchased an audio cable that plugs into my computer and then into a monitor or high definition T.V.

Yeah, you may have guessed what I am about to tell you. I turn my laptop into a desk top right there in my living room using my 40" HD T.V. Now that I have portability I can watch Netflix.com online right there in my living room. So now, I get to watch millions of movies whenever I want with no limit. No downloads or anything. So now, I get to have cable that is totally On Demand, and I also get roughly 15 movies in the mail a month. (This Netflix.com deal just turned into our cable company here at my house)

This is only a fraction of the puzzle. There are other cable television providers that you can get that does not cost you a penny. The biggest one, in my opinion, would have to be Hulu.com. This website has an agreement with the cable guys so that they can stream the active seasons without getting shut down for infringement rights. The only deal is that the episodes are 5 episodes behind the actual episodes on the cable companies roster. This was a slight deal at first, but once you convert over from cable and get into the flow of things it becomes less and less of a deal. The fatter my wallet got the less I cared about how long I had to wait to see the latest episode of True Blood. I know that if I wait long enough I can either watch it on Hulu, or online via Netflix, or ultimately I can just order the entire season from Netflix and watch it all night long in one whack. (I love doing this because you do not miss a detail at all!)

Another way to get instant media is to utilize YouTube services. This is a great source for video episodes and music videos. When my friends come over I turn on YouTube and let one of my playlist run in the back ground. That way if they want they can watch the music video or they can simply listen to the music. There are many more options out there, but this is all that I have for you for right now. I will post more details as I gather them.

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