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Another Land Line Phone Alternative | Utilizing Skypes Services


You have probably heard about Skype before. About 15 million people use it daily as their means of communication. Small business use Skype over regular land line communication. Skype has many features that your home phone simply does not have. Not to mention that Time.com rated Skype within the top 50 best websites to visit this year!

Skype brings to the world cheap and affordable packages. If you are calling here within the United States there is a package for only $3.00 a month. Yeah, that is pretty cheap when compared to what the phone companies are charging. Skype also allows a person to pre-pay their account. They make it pretty easy to pay them.

With your $3.00 package you will need to purchase an additional number package. This can cost you $18.00 dollars ever 90 days. A person could also just buy the number up for an entire year and save almost half of the money it would cost by doing it in 90 day increments.

There are cheaper solutions then Skype, but Skype packs such a punch that it has made my top ten list for communication devices. I currently do not have a land line ran to my home. I use Skype services as my primary source of home phone calling.

Some of the features to expect from Skype are the basics. The typical things that all your other phones can do  like voice mail, text messaging, call forwarding, call history, and a nice contact list. Skype also brings to the table face to face communication. This is where your regular phone just does not cut it. By using the webcam that you have a person could call someone else with a web camera and proceed from there. A lot of small and large business are using Skype services for conference calls to cut back and save money.

Skype users can communicate for free as well. So, if all of America were to switch over to Skype as their primary source of communication then nobody would have to pay a dime to the phone companies or even to Skype itself. That is a pretty cool thought, and now all I have to do is convert every person in America. I bet that wont be hard... 

People can also play games with each other via the Skype applications. You can use voice recorder so that everything that is spoken gets recorded. Guys and Gals can utilize Skype to find out if the other is cheating on them. Or parents find out exactly what your kids are really planning to do tonight!

Skype is always growing in the number of users every day. Skype is always growing in the number of applications that they provide. Skype is integrated into many new laptops right off the shelves. Not to mention that they have their own phone products to help enhance the user experience. You can even download Skype to your IPhone or Windows Mobile phone and use it wherever you can get WIFI for free.

All in all, Skype is a great system that everybody should at least try out once. If you do decide to try it and do not like it then just delete it from your system. It is that simple. What have you got to lose? Nothing, you can only save your money!

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