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How To Save Money With IPod Touch | Why You Need To Get An IPod Touch | Great Uses For IPod

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Apple IPod Touch : Modern day advanced technology right in the palm of your hand.

If you can muster up the funds for a IPod Touch then about why it is worth the money. The IPod Touch is such a great system, and I did not know its capabilities until I got my hands on one. Not to mention the sleek design of the little black touch screen being literally the size of a pack of cigarettes, and weighs probably a bit less as well.

Anybody would think that the IPod offered a sophisticated music player with some decent internal storage. Some would even think that a person could or would be able to watch some video on their IPod devices as well. However, what people fail to realize is that the previous two media applications discussed are just the very tip of the iceberg.

The software packs a punch and I am quite serious about that. IPod devices can surf the web with a beautiful user interface provided by the Safari application. Not to mention all the gaming downloads that you can get from the app store. You can even view emails and sync with all your files via ITunes right from your desktop computer.

People keep up to date with MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter accounts right from their IPods. It is pretty cool that you can push a button to check all your email accounts in one whack.  I have 10 email accounts and now it is super easy to check them. Now lets talk about the information that I have compiled here that lets you utilize the IPod capabilities to your advantage.

This software can be hacked as with anything in today's world. Once this the IPod device is hacked, all of the sudden a bunch of doors open up for the possible things that can be done with it. Hacking an Apple IPod is called Jailbreaking. I do not know why it is called jailbreaking, but it just is. Maybe it is in reference to breaking free from the confines of the mans bars, or maybe not. Either way, I still do not understand why the need for the term jailbreak, but it seems to work.

You may be thinking to yourself about what could be so good about hacking the IPod? What are the negative consequences to a jailbreak or hack that opens up the IPod? Will I be able to do this hacking part myself?

If you were asking these questions then you indeed have good questions. 

Would you want access to hundreds of free applications for your IPod Touch? Are you sick of paying for app's on ITunes that you do not even use? Do you want to have the ability to customize your IPod touch to your personality? These are just a few of the things that a person could do with their IPod touch. 

You can download music for free via an application called "dTunes". It can be downlloaded via the Cydia or Icy installers on the IPod or Iphone, once it has been jailbroken. You can download full length movies for free right onto your IPod Touch via an application called "iPocketTV". 

If you are into games then read futher to find out how that you can install gaming emulators onto your IPod Touch or IPhone. Yeah, you read correctly. An IPod touch can run Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Genesis, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, PSP, and Playstation One. Each system can have hundreds of rom downloads available at the touch of a finger.

The biggest bad thing that I can come up with is that hacking the IPod Touch voids the manufacture warranty that you may have on your device.  A simple restore to manufacture defaults can fix that though. (I  will discuss them in the article that teaches how to jailbreak the IPod Touch software.)

I found my IPod Touch on Craigslist.org for extremely cheap. Some other good sources would be Ebay.com or Amazon. However, I feel that purchasing good used high end electronics off of Craigslist for a cheap price seem to work out for me.

As always this blog discusses ways to utilize existing services to save money or how to save money with minor or small investments. The IPod Touch is such a great investment that I will be writing separate articles discussing the highlights of this outline. Keep checking back frequently as the next topic of discussion will be how to watch free T.V. on your IPod and on your regular T.V. screen.

No matter how you say it: Apple, Ipod, Ipod Touch, Ipod Touch 2g, Jailbreak, Jailbroken Ipod Touch, Movies, Music, Save Money Ipod, or Iphone possiblities. I am here for you!
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