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Use Twitter For Affiliate Marketing | How To Guide

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If you are reading this article then you are curious as to how you are going use twitter for affiliate marketing. Social network marketing has become one of the top ways to market your business or products over the past few years. Many people are having very successful results from directly working with the website Twitter alone. *Please note that the techniques discussed in this aritlce can be applied to other social networks.*

If you are currently using Twitter to market your referral links then you are thinking along the right path. Twitter has been the biggest buzz in social networking because the concept behind it is so different from the competition. Twitter takes the user's micro blog postings and pushes them to a real time database / search engine for anybody to read anywhere in the world. For an affiliate marketer that means instant search engine results with little original content. One could also say that Twitter is a free Adwords-type search engine!

For instance if you want to create a posting about "How To Use Twitter For Affiliate Marketing" 100 million people will see it in the search results if their search has any of your words in it. In all actuality Twitter's real time search results have even been implemented into some of the bigger search engines already. I know that Bing has an option to see real time results directly from Twitter, and Google is testing out the possibilities of Twitter's search results themselves. Once Google officially makes a move we will see the rest of the world get on their backs and use Twitter links as relative content.

You can go to Twitter and search for whatever you want and you will see anything that has been recently posted on the topic or keyword that you used. As with anything that is real time - the searches and trends are constantly changing and many keywords rise and fall each and every minute. You will notice on the Twitter main page has popular topics by the minute, the day, and by the week.

Use Twitter For Affiliate Marketing in three easy steps. 

1. Step One: Get Your Product
First you must have something to push or market, and if you do not have something you can easily find a product online through the LinkShare Referral Program. If you decide that affiliate marketing is not for you then I suggest that you still use Twitter for lead generation. Some things you could market would be your personal business, a friend's business services, marketing services, selling your own products, selling other people's products (affiliate marketing), or your personal website. If you have something that you need are currently marketing with other methods then you are already past step one.

2. Step Two: Prepare To Sell
Write up quite a few short 140 characters or less microblogs that discuss your product or your affiliate's product. Make sure that they are simple, easy to understand, and to the point. You should put some time and thought into your microblog postings because those are your sales pitches. If you can get people to visit your link through Twitter then you are halfway to the sale. I would write at least 50 ways to sell your product and each one would be different from the last. (That's just me being thorough I suppose!)

3. Step Three: Automate Your Sales Process
Visit TweetAdder and try out their free demo software. You will notice that with this software program you will be able to automate just about everything on Twitter. We can discuss all of the best ways to use TweetAdder later, but for now you will need to focus on the Tweets or Updates tab in the software program. The main reason that you are using this software program is so that you can automatically post your tweets while you are away doing other things.

With having your all of your pre-written tweets being automatically posted randomly through out the day you are getting better chances of a sales conversion based on volume alone. You can search the internet for ways to use Twitter for affiliate marketing and you will see many people say the simplest thing that you can do is to just get your link out there. Yeah, by simply posting your link once you are potentially getting your message in front of millions of people. The idea is to get out in the cloud (the server) as much as possible, and once you get your message out there you will start to see results. Even if you are not getting sales right away you can still use a service like Google Analytics to see where your visitors are coming from and thus adjust your sales pitch accordingly.

With Analytics you will be able to see how long people stayed on your website and how long they spent reading your site or sales pitch landing page. This type of information will allow you as a webmaster to optimize your landing pages for a better return on investment (ROI). You should be able to make money with three easy components such as Twitter, TweetAdder, and Google Analytics.

Here is an example of what I am talking about. For this example you are going to be trying to sell someone's Ebook. The author of the book is selling it for $20, and will give you $10 for each sale you bring to them. So you took the time to write up great micro posts and added them to your TweetAdder software. Now you just click the option to automatically post tweets up to the daily maximum, and that is it. As of right now you currently have automatic sales system running through the social network Twitter.

Here is how it works:

You now have up to 50 postings getting posted on Twitter each and every day. I have noticed that some of my posts bring at least 10 people to my landing pages. Out of those ten people I can usually land at least 10% to actually purchase the Ebook.

So here is how the example's Math breaks down. You auto posted 50 tweets and had 10 people click through to your website. At the end of the day you generated 500 unique visitors to your landing page or website. If you sales page is good enough you should be able to convert at least 10% who end up buying the product. You will notice that 10% of 500 is 50 people buying the Ebook at $20 a pop. You get $500 dollars that you generated on autopilot with Twitter, TweetAdder, and the Ebook referral link.

This can happen every day and you will be happy with the results as will the author of the Ebook that you are marketing. The product can be worth more or less and you can have multiple products that you are selling automatically like that. If you can setup 20 products then you could end up being totally financially free by using the Internet to generate income.

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Thanks for the Twitter Guide info. Really good stuff to know. Hopefully it will increase my traffic a bit.


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