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FlashPlus A Google Chrome Extension


Have you ever wanted to manipulate or change the flash video on a  website? Sometimes these websites have annoying backgrounds that prove to be a distraction from the video you are watching, and generally there is nothing that can be done about it. Well, there used to be nothing that could be done about it...

If you use Google Chrome and are a fan of installing extensions then check out FlashPlus. This extension helps users to customize videos or flash players to the fullest. You can make a flash game online that is only the size of a deck of cards become full screen. Youtube videos can be taken out of their placement on the page and put anywhere you want it to be. You can also block any annoying or unwanted flash banner ads on any website.

If you are anything like me then you use multiple tabs and have multiple windows open while you are surfing the internet. I use the Chrome extension FlashPlus to resize my flash videos or games into a corner of my screen so that I can multi-task. If I am watching a tutorial on how to do something I can watch it and do what I need to do at the same time. Using FlashPlush this way will totally eliminate unnecessary flipping back and forth between tabs or windows to learn how to do something. (I hated that part when I was learning graphic design information.) This extension is great for people who go to college online!

There are four main uses of this Google Chrome extension:

  1. Harness the ability to block all the annoying flash banner popups that distract you from what you were doing.
  2. Drag or resize flash files and movies on any website webpage.
  3. Black out the rest of the website around the flash video. If the background to the website is distracting you from your flash video or flash game then simply black it out of view.
  4. Resize the video to full screen or smaller. Some websites do not offer the ability to resize the video or game that you are about to view. With FlashPlus you will be able to move, change, block, and distort the flash on the webpage in any way you see necessary to enhance your viewing experience.

I rate the FlashPlus Google Chrome extension at a five out of five sitars. Are you interested in learning more about this application? Check out this video below or visit their website to learn more about system specs and requirements.


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