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SendTo A Google Chrome Extension


Just two questions for you to think about as you read through this article. First, when you see something of interest to you on the internet what do you do? Most people typically socially bookmark the things that are of interest to them on the net.  Second, do you currently use the internet browser Google Chrome or do you plan to in the near future? The reason I ask these questions is because there is a pretty nifty new bookmark extension called SendTo. The logo looks like a paper airplane once installed, and the application does pretty much what the icon represents.

Want an example of how to use it SendTo the chrome extension? (In this example you already have installed the SendTo extension.) Alright, let's say that you are looking at this article and you decide that it helped you to discover new things about Google Chrome. Since it was an easy read you decide to share it with your friends and family by clicking on the paper airplane logo (SendTo). The logo is at the top of the screen by your address bar. Next you have to decide on how you want to share this article. Some options available to you are sending the link through your email, displaying it publicly in your social bookmarks, or even printing off just the parts you want.

You will notice that there are five main categories to this Google Chrome extension. You are able to share through messaging services, social networks, bookmarks, blogs and news websites, and through other means of communication and sharing. 

What services are under the five main categories?

  1. Messaging: (Send links through your favorite mail service)
    Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, or Live Mail through Windows
  2. Social Networks: 
    Myspace, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Orkut, Friendfeed, Plaxo, Bebo, Plurk, or Netvibes
    Google Bookmarks, Delicious, Yahoo Bookmarks, Windows Live Shared Favorites, Digg, REddit, StumbleUpon, Read It Later, Mixx, and Diigo
  4. Blog and News:
    Blogger, Wordpress, Typepad, LiveJournal, Posterous, Yahoo Buzz, Technorati, Tumblr, Slashdot, and Xanga
  5. Other:
    PrintWhatYouLike, PrintFriendly, Print Current Page, PDF Online, Google Translate, Tinyurl.com, Bit.ly, WebShots Pro, Evernote, and SaveVid
I have to admit that I find myself using the SendTo Chrome extension every single day. On top of the fact that I use it daily since I have installed it, but I also use it repeatedly through out the day. There is only one or two extensions that I could say that I use more. (I cant tell you in this extension review though, sorry guys!)

I rate the SendTo Google Chrome extension at a five out of five stars. If you are interested in learning more about this extension then visit the extension's website below. I have also attached a screenshot for you to check out before you install the actual extension.


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