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How To Register A Website Easily

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$7.49 .COM Domains from GoDaddy.com

This is a pretty simple how to register a website easily guide. We are going to be talking about how to register a website easily online. I know that you don't want a long tutorial on how to register a website so I will make this as easy as possible. Follow the simple directions below and you will be well on your way to getting your website online.

Alright, first things first you will need to come up with a creative name for the website that you want to register. It can be your company name or some random name for your personal site. So as you probably guessed it, your first step will be to figure out if this website that you are registering is for personal or business use.

Decide if the website you want to register is for personal or business use.

Now that you have an idea of what you are going to be using the website for you can move forward with this easy guide to registering a website online.

You will need to pick a place to register your website online.

I always use Godaddy.com for my website provider. They have been around for over a decade and they have fine tuned the process to be quite simple. Right now if you register through the link provided or through the banner ad at the top you can get a website domain name for $7.49. A typical .com domain name goes for $11.49 so it would save you $4.

Follow the on screen steps that Godaddy.com provides.

The steps are quite simple. You will fill out the domain name register box with the name that you wanted. If the domain name that you want to register is available then click "Continue to Registration". Godaddy will try to get you to buy more products or domain names on the next screen. If you are not interested then click "No Thanks"

Next you will need to create an account with them or log into your existing account. At this point I am pretty sure that you do not have an account with Godaddy because you probably wouldn't be reading this if you did. Once you create your account select your payment method and you are pretty much done.

I hope that this how to register a website easily guide was helpful. If it was please pass it along to someone that you think would benefit from it. Click the link below if you want to go to Godaddy from here. You can always click the new Google +1 button below and it will go to your friends that do a Google search for this type of information.


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