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Grooveshark Chrome App - Not in store?

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Groove Shark Chrome Web App No longer in chrome webstore
Recently, I discovered that the Grooveshark web app wasn't in the chrome web store. I think it has something to do with a copyright lawsuit, and Google pulled the app. Don't quote me on that, but that's the rumor that I have heard surfacing as to why the app is no longer in the webstore. I have a solution.

Now don't get me wrong, it will take you a minute to install. I have created a web application, but I can not get it into the Chrome webstore because I do not own the website. Also - don't forget that Google wont allow it back into the chrome store anyway. What you can do is download my Grooveshark Chrome web app and install it yourself. Which is super easy.

Grooveshark Chrome Web App DownloadWhat you have to do is download the application by clicking on the Grooveshark Chrome web app. That will trigger a download, which will be a zip file.

Find the zip file in your downloads folder and unzip the folder into your documents or right there in your Downloads folder. Once you have the folder unzipped you can install it to your Chrome browser as a web application.  Go ahead and open up your Chrome web browser and click on the wrench.

Click the wrench icon and locate tools and then click on extensions

Once you get the wrench open you will need to then click on the tools and then on Extensions. I would capture the screen and show you guys, but for some reason I can't. You should be able to easily find it thought. 

Now that you are in the extensions menu you will need to click on the + button on the right side to expand the developer menu. Once you have done that you will need to load the unpacked extension by clicking on that button. Then navigate to the folder or location that you unzipped the Grooveshark app to and then upload it. That's it and you are all done. Check the screen shot below for picture directions.

Load unpacked extension and look for the Grooveshark App

Now that you are done, just open up your new tab page and click on the icon. It should be the last app icon that was installed, at the bottom. You can drag it to the top and make it more easily accessible. I hope that you could easily follow this tutorial n how to get the Grooveshark Chrome web app back on your new tab page.


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