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SendTo A Google Chrome Extension


Just two questions for you to think about as you read through this article. First, when you see something of interest to you on the internet what do you do? Most people typically socially bookmark the things that are of interest to them on the net.  Second, do you currently use the internet browser Google Chrome or do you plan to in the near future? The reason I ask these questions is because there is a pretty nifty new bookmark extension called SendTo. The logo looks like a paper airplane once installed, and the application does pretty much what the icon represents.

Want an example of how to use it SendTo the chrome extension? (In this example you already have installed the SendTo extension.) Alright, let's say that you are looking at this article and you decide that it helped you to discover new things about Google Chrome. Since it was an easy read you decide to share it with your friends and family by clicking on the paper airplane logo (SendTo). The logo is at the top of the screen by your address bar. Next you have to decide on how you want to share this article. Some options available to you are sending the link through your email, displaying it publicly in your social bookmarks, or even printing off just the parts you want.

FlashPlus A Google Chrome Extension


Have you ever wanted to manipulate or change the flash video on a  website? Sometimes these websites have annoying backgrounds that prove to be a distraction from the video you are watching, and generally there is nothing that can be done about it. Well, there used to be nothing that could be done about it...

If you use Google Chrome and are a fan of installing extensions then check out FlashPlus. This extension helps users to customize videos or flash players to the fullest. You can make a flash game online that is only the size of a deck of cards become full screen. Youtube videos can be taken out of their placement on the page and put anywhere you want it to be. You can also block any annoying or unwanted flash banner ads on any website.

Cooliris A Google Chrome Extension


I would have to say that Cooliris is one of the coolest looking Google Chrome extensions that I have come across. The developer's concept is that people want one infinite space or place to view the media on the web. Cooliris utilizes a wall that is similar to what a merger of FaceBook and Searchme would look like, but with a pretty cool 3D format.

Cooliris comes with many pre-installed channels that puts over 1.5 million TV episodes, movies and other titles from all over the internet at your fingertips. You can enjoy scrolling through the videos or images on the wall, and if you wanted click to preview them right on the spot. If you do not want to watch them through Cooliris website then you can always click the pop out button and watch them on the original website they were uploaded to.

Learn About Google Chrome Extensions


Recently, Google released a web browser called Google Chrome. This web browser is still being tested and improved. With each day that passes a new application gets developed for the browser. Some of you reading this article have already installed Google Chrome and know all about the extensions. Some of you may have Google Chrome, but have no idea which extensions are good to use and which ones to avoid. The rest of you reading this either did not know about Chrome or just did not care to check it out yet.

What is a Google Chrome Extension?
Google Chrome extensions are the exact same thing as Firefox or Internet Explorer Add-ons. An Add-on is  something extra that you wanted incorporated into the browser that you use. There are thousands of different extensions or add-ons that can be installed with each internet browser. Google Chrome extensions are just indivudual applicaions that run from your browser for easy accesibility or funtionality.

Google Goggles - Visual Search Engine


When you surf the web, you typically search via text. You may even sometimes search by voice commands. Well, leave it to the search engine giant Google to change the way that people use the internet, again.

Google Goggles uses your camera phone and the pictures you take to search the web. As of right now, the visual search option is only available to Android enabled devices. However, the visual search service may become available to any phone with a camera, in the near future. I foresee the ability to upload photos from your home computer and have the Google's search bot cross reference the image with whatever it may be.

Use Twitter For Affiliate Marketing | How To Guide

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If you are reading this article then you are curious as to how you are going use twitter for affiliate marketing. Social network marketing has become one of the top ways to market your business or products over the past few years. Many people are having very successful results from directly working with the website Twitter alone. *Please note that the techniques discussed in this aritlce can be applied to other social networks.*

If you are currently using Twitter to market your referral links then you are thinking along the right path. Twitter has been the biggest buzz in social networking because the concept behind it is so different from the competition. Twitter takes the user's micro blog postings and pushes them to a real time database / search engine for anybody to read anywhere in the world. For an affiliate marketer that means instant search engine results with little original content. One could also say that Twitter is a free Adwords-type search engine!

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Google Voice + Gizmo5 = Last Phone You Will Ever Need


Google has recently bought up a VOIP (voice over internet protocol) company called Gizmo5. This is great news if you already have a Google Voice account. Between the two Google services and an Android powered device a person could get rid of their land line and cellular phone numbers altogether. You are probably thinking, "No more monthly phone bills? How is that possible and why didn't I know about this yet?"

Let me take a few minutes to explain everything to you. First you have to understand that Google provides just about everything for free. It is the way of the market in the open sourced world that we all know and live in today. With that being said I am going to talk about each service individually and explain how they will compliment each other once combined on an Android device. You could not know about this yet because the concept is still being developed by Google, but we should see some news this year sometime in 2010.

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